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A few highlights from Christmas 2018

5 Jan

Merry Christmas!  Today is the 12th Day of Christmas.  The Christmas season has been full of family gatherings, Christmas celebrations, and relaxation.  Enjoy the pictures!


I took some time the day after Christmas to make these Christmas cards.



This stable was a thrilling find.  I found it for $3.29!  This is the stable I referenced in my previous post about cleaning out my stable 🙂


This is the Nativity set that we got from some of B’s cousins for our wedding in 2017!


Our Christmas tree ❤️  We love sitting by the tree, enjoying the peace of this season.


My sister J. And I.  Everyone was at my parents that night for our family Christmas.  We had to pose with the amazing spread of food.  Notice my elf costume?!  I had a fun time finding that at my fave place (thrifting!)


The Cathedral where we went for evening Mass on Christmas Eve.  This is also where we got married in 2017!


Tonight B. and I went to the Cathedral for First Saturday Mass.  We hadn’t gotten a Christmas photo of us “dressed-up” so this photo will work!

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This week I cleaned out my stable

20 Dec


This week, I found myself cleaning out my stable.  This is no ordinary stable.

A couple weeks ago, this stable was perched on a shelf at a local thrift store.  It was a great price and a beautiful piece of art, so I placed in into my shopping cart.  I brought the stable home, where it sat for several days untouched.  Then, a couple days ago, I found some time to clean the stable before placing our Nativity figurines in it.

I donned rubber gloves, grabbed a disinfectant wipe, and began rubbing down the roof and the walls.  Much to my dismay, I felt like I was trying to clean a chalkboard with a piece of cotton.  And this piece of “cotton” was picking up pieces of dust and dirt rather quickly.  I soon realized this was a bigger job that I had originally expected. So, I filled a bucket with warm water and a splash of murphy’s oil soap, placed the stable into the tub, and began to scrub away.

Prior to cleaning the stable, I thought “I don’t have a lot of time to clean this, so maybe a quick “brush” will do.  From the color of the water coming off of the stable interior and exterior, it quickly became apparent that the quick “brush” was going to have to become a deep clean.

I began scrubbing more vigorously.  Soon the stable had a new feel and a new look.  I rinsed the whole stable off before turning it onto its side to allow any excess water to drip off before I placed it in front of a fan for further drying.

As I cleaned out this stable, I couldn’t help but reflect on the stable of my heart.

How often does my “stable keeper”, The Lord, want to clean out my heart so that He can dwell therein?  How much He must want to “deep clean” my soul!  How often does he want to touch my life in more ways than just a “brush”?  How transformed He wants to make my life, if I will only invite Him to enter in!  He doesn’t expect perfection, because HE is perfection.  HE will make all things anew if I open the door of my heart and invite Him to enter

As we near the end of Advent, I’m opening the doors of my stable.  I’m asking Our Lord to enter in and made His dwelling within my soul.  I know that He has so many graces in store for me this Christmas.  He has so many graces available to you too.

Will you allow him to enter in, even if your stable isn’t perfect?  He wants to touch your life.  He wants to move within your soul.  Will you invite him in?


Have yourself a Married little Christmas!

30 Dec

B. and I have been married for seven months already!  How did the time fly?!  This is our first Christmas as a married couple and very beautiful and special.  Two weeks ago we put up our Christmas tree, and gradually put up lights, ornaments, and our Nativity set that we got for our wedding from some of his cousins.  I thoroughly enjoyed decorating our house, and put something Christmas-y in every room (except the laundry room 😉)  It has been special to celebrate Christmas together this year and to reflect on our first several months as husband and wife.  

During the months leading up to the wedding, life was a busy time of wedding planning, house-hunting, mortgage and insurance rate comparing, and working full time.  It was pretty overwhelming to have all of that to juggle at once, but it was very rewarding because I married the man of my dreams, we bought our first house together, and have been blessed to be able to turn this house into our home.  We have been able to share so many moments together whether making dinner, taking a walk outside after dinner, working in the yard, paying the bills, or just sitting on the couch and catching our breath after a long week at work.  It’s been a busy busy year!!  We have traveled a lot, (including our road trip honeymoon out west!) and have lots of pictures to show for it. 

It’s been a beautiful year and a wondrous celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage as husband and wife.  From our hearts to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

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