7 Quick Takes: Hello from my backyard

13 Jul

Hello!  Blogging always brings me joy.  It is one of my goals this summer to blog more.  So far I’ve blogged . . . . once.  HA!  It’s still summer, so my goal remains the same.

1. Our flower gardens have been one of the highlights for me this season.  I get a thrill from watching the flowers grow from their tiny little leaves and buds into full grown blooms.


2. Yesterday evening B. found two giant tomato-eating caterpillars on the tomatoes.  We he plucked them off the tomatoes and tossed them into the pond for the fish to eat.


Great big gross green tomato caterpillars

3. My sister K. has been in town visiting while her husband is on a business trip.  They have a 3-month-old, who is B. and my goddaughter.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spending time with my sister, and of course getting in lots of baby snuggles.  I hope and pray that someday B. and I will have babies of our own.  In God’s perfect timing, #amiright?


Me and my sister’s adorable baby

4. There’s nothing quite like fresh laundry from the clothesline.  It smells so good.


It was pretty windy that day!


5. I call this plant “lamb’s ear”, but I don’t know if that’s the correct name for it.  The leaves are really soft, and it feels like a lambs ear (I guess!) It’s growing in the middle of the grass in our backyard.



6. I am so thankful it is Friday.  My week was good, but I was exhausted by Wednesday!  We have been working a lot around the yard and the house, and most days this week after we finished dinner, we would jump back into a project and then collapse at the end of the night.

7.   B. and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this spring!  I thank God every day for my wonderful husband.  Here we are working on a project together.  (New closet doors – *squeal!* )



Stay tuned!  *Coming soon* —  *Home Improvement Projects*

Thanks for stopping by!  It was nice to have you.  Come back again soon!

I’m joining the “7 Quick Takes” at This Ain’t the Lyceum, so head on over to read other blogs!





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