5 Quotes by Mother Teresa for you to enjoy!

17 Feb

The nun ushered our small group of student volunteers into their motherhouse in Rome, Italy, while on our semester abroad in Italy in 2007.

She took us down a hallway, where she asked us to remove our shoes before entering the next room – the Adoration Chapel.  Each of us removed our shoes before entering the Chapel.  The Chapel had an altar that housed the tabernacle (word for the house of Jesus).  There were no chairs or benches in the room.  We had simply the ground to kneel or sit on.

Above the tabernacle was a crucifix with the words “I THIRST” written on the wall next to it.  There we all knelt or sat in silent prayer.  I was humbled to be able to pray in the same chapel that Mother Teresa herself had prayed in before.

Earlier in the day our group had helped in the soup kitchen there in the heart of Rome, Italy.  There we worked with the group of sisters, Missionaries of Charity, who prepare meals every day for the homeless and hungry who live in Rome.

One of my classmates and I peeled pomegranates to serve as part of the meal.  There were so many pomegranates, and tedious to peel, but all for a good cause and humble work of mercy.  I remember being handed an apron to wear while I peeled the pomegranates.  Several of my classmates worked in the kitchen with some of the nuns preparing soup they were to serve as the main course for dinner.

It wasn’t until after the meal, after most of the people who had come for the meal had already left, that I was able to go into the eating area to see the people whom we served.  I remember helping wipe off the tables and wanting so badly to converse with someone who had come for the meal, even though we spoke different languages.  I wanted to hear their stories and be the ear that heard the story of where they came from and how they got to where they are now.  But, I didn’t have that opportunity.  Christ was calling me to service elsewhere – in the kitchen.

The whole experience stands out so much in my mind.  The sisters who belong to the order of Missionaries of Charity were so humble, so charitable, and so patient.  They were amazing witnesses of Christ’s teachings!

Lastly, here are five quotes from Mother Teresa that have inspired me on many occasions.  I hope you enjoy these little words of wisdom as much as I do:

1) “Do small things with great love.”

2) “Be faithful in small things, for it is in them that your strength lies.”

3) “God doesn’t ask us to be successful.  He asks us to be faithful.”

4) “When the time comes to ask God for something, ask Him to help you be generous.”

5) “If you wish to change the world, go home and love your family.”

Mother Teresa, pray for us!


One Response to “5 Quotes by Mother Teresa for you to enjoy!”

  1. Laura @ A Drop in the Ocean February 19, 2017 at 9:45 pm #

    Thanks for sharing these, Rachel! I went on a mission trip to the MC’s once and they left a lasting impression on me too. It’s incredible to me how much they put their trust in God for all their needs. I got a vinyl “I THIRST” to put beside the crucifix in my room, and I love the reminder. Mother Teresa did so much for the world and I love these quotes too!

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