Wheat-free eating in review!

14 Apr

I wrote about wheat-free eating a couple months ago and told you that my boyfriend and I were giving up eating wheat during Lent.  It started out great because I felt a lot better when I went off of wheat, got really rough about half-way through (because I craved carbs reaaally bad!) and then it got better (when Easter came 😉 and I re-introduced wheat into my diet.  I knew almost right away though that I should continue going wheat-free.  My face started breaking out, my whole body felt wonky, and overall I just knew that I should get away from wheat permanently.


Our Easter meal cooking on the stove at my parent’s house

So guess what?!  I am going wheat-free!!!  Am I excited?!  YES!

I did some research to back up my decision to eliminate wheat from my diet.  I don’t plan to go 100% wheat free, but I won’t be buying bread, crackers, white flour, etc. because I know that the ingredients in those effect my body’s overall health and skin in a negative way (break outs, feeling of moodiness, etc.)  Not only that, but so many products that contain wheat also contain sugars, which cause my energy to spike and then decline, and then spike and decline, and then it makes me moody, and then I get moody because I’m moody and the whole thing has a negative effect on me.

If you are considering the whole wheat-free diet thing, or if you are thinking about re-adjusting your sugar intake, this is a book that you must read.  It is called “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter, MD.


You’ve got to read this!


He is a neur0-surgeon, has studied around the world, and is highly versed in the affects of grain and sugar on the brain and overall body function.  I feel in love with this book because it helped me better understand my body and why it acts the way it does when I eat certain foods.  It even has a meal plan with recipes in the back to help kick-start the reader on their new-found eating style.


Our Easter table all set at my parent’s house

Another item that I just mentioned and which I avoid is SUGAR.  Sugar is a big red flag to my body.  When I eat sugary things like cake, candy, pop, and super sugary desserts, my body goes into auto-freak-out-mode.  Sometimes sugar makes me feel sick, gives me a headache and generally leaves me feely kinda “UGH.”  I didn’t eat very much Easter candy this year because I knew that it would make my body feel like this: “energetic”, stomach ache, “HAPPY!”, (as the sugar wears off) “what’s going on now?”


Almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin needs, cashew and raisins – my snack of choice at work

One more thing that I should mention is acidic in-take.  Do you ever eat something or drink something like coffee, which is high in acid, and end up with a stomach ache?  Well, if you do, I would suggest going off of coffee. I drink coffee on a pretty regular basis, but I have it in small doses – about 1 1/2 metric cups.  And I don’t drink it every day.  When I drink more coffee than that, my stomach hurts from the coffee.  Yes, perhaps I could try to a different coffee, but either way, coffee is naturally acidic.  If you get stomach aches and you drink coffee, you make need to cut back on your coffee intake which is loaded with acid.


Eggs and cheese is one of my FAVES!

And that, dear friends, about sums up my thoughts for the day on eating wheat-free!  If you yourself have cut out wheat, sugar or acidic drinks or foods, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you thought.  What did you eat more of that helped balance out your diet. And if you have any recipes that you’d like to share, I’d love those too!

God bless you all, dear friends!  Happy eating!



3 Responses to “Wheat-free eating in review!”

  1. Laura @ A Drop in the Ocean April 15, 2016 at 12:10 am #

    It’s so interesting to hear about other people’s eating habits! Staying away from carb and sugar loaded foods makes me feel way more awesome too. But I’m definitely not one to cut it out of my diet altogether. That being said, I do try to eat plenty of the healthy stuff 🙂

    I like making home made refried beans in my crock pot. It’s super easy to let them cook overnight and them mash them and add a little cheese or onions or rice or veggies or all of it! That’s a pretty stereotypical thrifty meal, but it’s so good when you add good spices! I rarely drink anything but water and coffee, which I think helps reduce sugar intake. For acidity in coffee, I recommend cold brewing it! I dump an overflowing tablespoon of grounds straight into water and let it brew in the fridge overnight, then filter it in the morning and you can do iced coffee! It really does feel less acidic to me 🙂 Really interesting topic – thank for sharing!

    • Rfog April 17, 2016 at 10:30 pm #

      Hi Laura!! What a great idea for cooking with spices to jazz up a meal! I love finding new ways to save money while maintaining wholesome meals. I need to use the crockpot more, which would help for making easy, inexpensive, delicious meals. And the cold brewed coffee really sounds great!! I will be trying that for sure, especially as the weather warms up.

      • Laura @ A Drop in the Ocean April 18, 2016 at 8:02 pm #

        Yay crockpots! It is a little hard because you can make a LOT in one batch . . . much more than I’d need for a meal or two. Leftover, I guess? Iced coffee is so great for warmer months. Looking forward to summertime!

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