Our brothers and sisters the saints

23 Mar

A big THANK YOU to Anjie for hosting the NAS series last week for me and Lindsay.  This month we needed to take a little break from hosting the series, so we’ve been having guest hostesses and it’s been so neat to see the women from the series host and do an amazing job!  Our hostesses so far have been Britt @ Proverbial Girlfriend, Beth Anne @ Beth Anne’s Best, Anjie @ Following Faith, and this today’s host Laura @ A Single Drop in the Ocean.

Today I’m writing to link up with Anjie from last week’s topic on the saints.  Make sure you stop by her blog to say hi!  Here is the writing prompt:

Since I’m sure we all have an earthly role model who may be famous or only known to you, who are your spiritual saintly cheerleaders? How did you hear about this person? What resources would you recommend for a novice to read?

The saints are some of my best friends.  I was first taught about the saints by my mom, and learned more about them when I read the “Lives of the Saints.” it just clicked – “I love the saints!  I want to be just like them!  They are my role models.”

When I was about nine years old, my family and a group of friends put on an All Saints’ Day party.  I went as Our Lady of Guadalupe (one of the many titles of Mary) and one of my brothers went as Juan Diego.  At the time I knew a little bit about the story of Gualupe, and have since grown in devotion to Mary under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  She is the patroness of the Americas and protectress of the unborn, which I find absolutely amazing and wonderful.  (By the way, you need to check out this informative site on the tilma of Juan Diego.  Mary is my favorite saint.  I pray to her allllll the time.  She is my buddy when I need a boost and I can count on her powerful intercession anytime.  A few of my favorite prayers to Mary are the Hail Mary, the Memorare, and a little prayer I say when I am in a pinch: “Mother Mary, help me.”  She always comes through for me!

Another one of my favorite saints is Saint Rose of Lima.  Earlier this year I wrote about how her name comes up in searches on my blog all the time, and that’s why I decided to dedicate my blog to her this year.  I was drawn to her piety and her unassuming nature.  She lived humbly and sacrificially and tried to honor God throughout her entire life.

I have so many favorite saints, but there is not enough time to mention them all, so I will mention one last saint: Saint Joseph, foster Father of Jesus.  Oh man, was he a good man!  There is barely any writing on the life of Saint Joseph, but tradition holds that he was a very quiet and pious man (he’d have to be a good man to be the foster father of Jesus!)  One of my favorite depictions of Saint Joseph was a picture that I saw while traveling abroad.  The picture was of Mary holding Jesus when he was a baby.  Saint Joseph was in the background of the picture in a bit of a shadow, which perfectly portrayed his humble nature.  Saint Joseph has been known for his miraculous intercession for centuries.  Even Saint Teresa of Avila said that St. Joseph is a very powerful intercessor with prayer.  My favorite prayer to Saint Joseph is this one.

If you are trying to learn more about the saints, I would highly recommend reading a Lives of the Saints.  Also check out Catholicexchange.com and take a look at their “Saint of the Day” page.  There are so many saints that I’m learning about new saints on a pretty regular basis.  I visit that page nearly every day to learn about the saints and see whose feast day it is.  This is my most-visited website during my week!

Who is your favorite saint?  How did you hear about them?  Linking up with Anjie!





One Response to “Our brothers and sisters the saints”

  1. LauraMarieForLife March 23, 2016 at 12:06 pm #

    I so wish we knew more about St. Joseph – he must have been an amazing man! Love hearing about saints that mean a lot to people. It’s so cool how different parts of their stories can be so impactful. That sounds like a beautiful picture of the holy family! That’s awesome that you read about the saint of the day pretty often. I need to read their stories more! My favorite (soon to be) saint is Mother Teresa. She was such a boss, and people didn’t even know how hard her life was when she was alive. Many still don’t. The book “Come be my light” with her writings was incredible. St. Monica is also one I love because she reminds me to never, ever, give up on people.

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