Not Alone Series: Survey

14 Mar


I’m a bit delayed on writing this post….oopsie.  Linking up with Beth Anne, who hosted our NAS blog series last week.  Make sure you stop by her blog to meet Beth Anne and some of the other ladies in the group!

  1. Where are you from?  A small town in Ohio
  2. Where are you living? Indiana
  3. Are you in school or working?  What kind of work do you?  I graduated college several years ago.  I got my degree in Catholic theology.  I don’t work directly in my field of expertise, although I enjoy volunteering for local parishes from time to time.  I work for a local business as a purchasing agent and customer service representative.  When I first moved to town after college, I was a high school youth group leader for two years, and after that, I taught religious education to 5th and 6th graders for four years.  I wasn’t actively involved in ministry this year, but my heart is definitely pulling in that direction again, so I’m currently asking the Lord what ministry He is leading me to next.
  4. If you are Catholic who is your Confirmation Saint? If you aren’t catholic who is your favorite saint or biblical figure.  My Confirmation Saint is Saint Rose of Lima.  I’m Catholic, and love my faith.  I don’t know where I would be without it!  Also, my favorite biblical figure, besides Mary the Mother of God, is Nehemiah (haha not really but I just think his name is cool.)  Actually my favorite biblical figure is St. Peter.  He had various weaknesses but still was a great leader and ended up working through his downfalls and became a saint.
  5. What is your favorite book, movie, or television show?  Several years ago I read “They Loved to Laugh” by Kathryn Worth – a wonderful read about a girl who was adopted into a family of nearly all boys and how she adapted to their wild and teasing ways.  It made me laugh and cry.  So touching.  Favorite movie of all time is “The Sound of Music.”  I never watch TV.  So much other fun stuff to do!
  6. What is your favorite piece of year round clothing?  Dresses are my favorite.  I usually only wear them for Mass on Sundays and for special occasions.  Dresses make me feel feminine and beautiful.
  7. What are you reading right now?  I’m currently reading “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn, “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter, MD, and “Lewis and Clark, Pioneering Naturalists” (don’t remember the author at the moment.)
  8. What is your favorite Bible Verse?  “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
  9. If you’ve done online dating, do you have any advice or experiences to share?  I’ve never done online dating.
  10. What is your favorite thing to blog about?  OOoh, my favorite thing to blog about?!  I write about anything and everything.
  11. What is your favorite or most popular blog post?  The topics that get the most reads and views are on cooking, daily goings-on, Saint Rose of Lima, and controversial topics.  Check out this onethis one, this one, and this one.  (not in order of how they’re listed.)
  12. In 140 characters or less share your best single-lady advice. (And if you want share it on twitter using the hashtag #Adviceforsingleladies.)  Pray as though everything depends on God, and act as though everything depends on you.

Check back to Beth Anne’s to meet more women from our NAS series!


2 Responses to “Not Alone Series: Survey”

  1. LauraMarieForLife March 15, 2016 at 12:45 am #

    Love your quote at the end. Such a good reminder!

  2. Lindsay Wilcox March 20, 2016 at 10:13 pm #

    I just finished a BIble study on the prophets, so now I know a few things about Nehemiah. Well, I read some, and we talked about it, but I guess I didn’t work too hard on making it stick because I can’t remember his particular angle right now! I didn’t do any of the reviewing yet, though, so maybe I can smush that in really good during the Easter season.

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