My wheat-free eating experience

19 Feb

Today I’m linking up with Kelly today for 7 Quick Takes!

1. Tonight is my older brother’s 30th (!!!!!) birthday party.  He and I are close in age (18 months apart.)  We are throwing a family party at my parent’s house tonight.  Cheers to my big bro on his big day!

2.  My boyfriend and I decided to try eating wheat-free for Lent.  He lives out of town and commutes to work.  Finding time to make meals is a bit more challenging for him than it is for me.  So, on our date nights, we have been cooking wheat-free meals together, and then when we have leftovers, divvy them up.
Here are some pictures of our chicken ranch and chicken barbeque, wheat-free pizzas that we made last Sunday (we used coconut flour, which was sort of crumbly.  We weren’t huge fans of the coconut flour, but the barbeque and ranch – delicious!
image image
3.  My thoughts on wheat-free eating so far? 
  • It like it (although I do miss my carbs!) and it’s been making me choose my foods more intentionally.
  • It’s healthier (less sugar, less modified and genetically altered grains, and more veggies.)
  • My body feels fine and is processing the vegetables and fruits and nuts just fine.  I’m eating more rice too, which is a big win since for many many years I didn’t like rice unless I had it with something else (sauce, veggie, etc., like in stir fry.)  I didn’t like rice plain until recently and now I’m choosing to make it. Wonder of wonders 😉
  • If you’re wondering whether or not you should go wheat-free, I’d suggest to give it a whirl!  It’s a lot easier than you think (and healthier.)  (If you *do* eat wheat, don’t feel bad – not all wheat is bad for you.  Just watch the labels and try reaching for the whole grains rather than white, processed, bleached flours and breads – those have more sugar and less protein.)

4.  BONUS INFO: Our bodies process sugars differently than proteins (sugar/energy rush, anyone??)  Our blood sugars get off balance with too much sugar (you’d be surprised how much sugar is in packaged foods!) and our insulin levels go high and low, causing our bodies to feel off-balance, tired, etc.  Same thing happens when we eat wheat – it causes our blood sugar levels to go up and down, and eating too much wheat can cause us to experience that imbalance. My boyfriend and I are staying off most sugars during our wheat-free eating experiment, and, amazingly, I don’t crave sugars much.  WIN WIN!!

5. I checked out this book called “Grain Brain” from our local library.  I’m interested to see how eating wheat and such things really does effect my body, for better or for worse.  I’ll write a review when I’m done reading it and let you know what I find out!


6. Here is part of my meal prep from Monday this week:

image image

7.  I’m so excited to be linking up with Kelly today!  It’s been too long!  Head on over to her blog for more 7 Quick Takes!


5 Responses to “My wheat-free eating experience”

  1. Jenny @ Unremarkable Files February 19, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    My husband has been gluten-free for years (it makes him feel a lot better physically) and it’s always been our thought that there’s nothing wrong with eating wheat per se, but when you cut it out you naturally start eating more fruits and vegetables and lessed processed food, which really is healthier for you. (We never have found a pizza crust that was any good, though!) Good luck!

  2. Trudi February 20, 2016 at 12:19 am #

    What a great idea for Lent! I have been gluten-free for 2 1/2 years now (within two weeks without gluten my asthma was gone) and I rarely have to even think about it now. I haven’t tried coconut flour yet, but I do a lot of baking with a couple different gf flour mixes, and I think the food tastes great. But yes, frequently the prep for unprocessed foods does take longer, so planning ahead is key. Best of luck through the rest of Lent, and it would be interesting to hear what you think of this experiment after the 40 days are up. 🙂

  3. LauraMarieForLife February 20, 2016 at 8:03 pm #

    Looks like the pizza tasted good, even if the crust is a little funky 🙂 I like some gf baked goods, even though I’m definitely not off wheat. This brownie recipe was a recent favorite:

    So yummy and almost fudge-y!


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