Spiritual Motherhood and Its Role in my Life

2 Feb


(Me and my niece, who is also my goddaughter ❤ )

(Photo credit: mine)

Most of us single ladies aren’t mothers here on Earth, but that doesn’t mean we’re not mothers at all. Christianity has a long tradition of “parents” who become our leaders, protectors, guides, and counselors by spiritual means instead of physical. Do you have spiritual children? Godchildren, adults you sponsored through the RCIA, your close friends’ kids, or students? How do you build relationships with them as a mother? Have you ever spiritually adopted an unborn baby in danger of abortion, or a priest? Are all women called to be mothers?


(Me and my baby nephew – he is so calm and snuggly ❤ He’s the baby brother of the sisters in the pictures ❤ ❤ ❤ )

Spiritual Motherhood is a gift that is very near and dear to my heart.  Spiritual motherhood, as it relates to me, is a role of being a spiritual role model.

I have quite a few spiritual children who I pray for on a daily/weekly basis.  I title “spiritual children” as any person who I  1) pray for, 2) mentor, 3) keep in contact with to help them on their spiritual journeys, or 4) reach out to for aid in my own personal journey.

I have one goddaughter (see photo at the top of this post). She is so SO adorable and has just the cutest personality.  A few months ago, she couldn’t talk very much, but over Christmas I noticed that she can communicate more now and knows what I’m saying to her.  We love playing together and she enjoys it when I let her join me when I’m working in the kitchen.



(This is me with two of my other nieces, who are big sisters to my goddaughter ❤ 

We were having some goofy play time during one of their last visits to town.)

I taught religion class to fifth and sixth graders for four years (rotated classes.)  I considered, and still consider, these kids to be my spiritual children.  I had a vested interest in these children because they had been entrusted to my care for their faith formation. I had the pleasure of teaching the about morality, Sacraments, good vs. evil, how to honor and obey their parents, how to stop bullying at school, and how to be a good influence for their own friends. These kids were cute and smart.  I loved teaching them and being able to be a part of their lives.  I still pray for them when I remember to, and hope they remember what they learned in class.


One of my especially favorite prayer intentions as a spiritual mother is to pray for priests.  Priests have played such an important and influential role in my life over the years that I make a special effort to pray for them.  I pray that they will continue in their vocations with courage and wisdom and for protection in their journeys.  I will always remember the words of a priest in college during confession, “Keep coming back.”  That I have done.

I’ve “adopted” babies who are in danger of abortion, and interestingly, the saint I picked from the parish “choose a saint for the year” was St. Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary.  The intention I was given is to pray for all expectant mothers, that they will welcome their babies with love and the joy of the Holy Spirit – how cool?!  I pray for all mothers, that they may welcome their babies with love, and that they will choose life, even in the most extreme and dire circumstances.  Every baby is loved by God, and life is always the best choice.  And when I pray for mothers, I sometimes pray for myself for when I have children, and that I will model St. Elizabeth and Mary, who were women of God.

I truly believe that all women are called to be spiritual mothers.  All women, from the beginning of creation, when Eve was made the mother of all the living, down to the new Eve, Mary the Mother of God, are meant to be mothers.  Women are nurturers by nature, and so it is only fitting that we are also nurturing mothers, whether it be spiritual mothers or physical mothers.

What is your take on spiritual motherhood?  What role does spiritual motherhood play in your life?  Comment below!  And link back up with Lindsay!!










2 Responses to “Spiritual Motherhood and Its Role in my Life”

  1. LauraMarieForLife February 3, 2016 at 2:10 pm #

    Loving hearing about all the kiddos in everyone’s life! And you know? I’d never thought about spiritual motherhood in regards to priests. That’s a really cool perspective. And religious education too. That’s such a cool way to be a spiritual mother. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsay February 4, 2016 at 10:29 pm #

    Whenever I see photos of people snuggling with little kids, they always look so happy! I should try to do some more of that as my friends’ kids get older. Right now, I’m working on holding more babies.

    I also love what you wrote about praying for priests. It’s easy to forget that. I pray one rosary a month specifically for my pastor and associate and another rosary every Thursday for Invisible Monastery (invisiblemonastery.com). If I don’t schedule it, I won’t do it!

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