NAS: Flirting!!

29 Sep


Oh HEY!!!

Do you get the butterflies when your guy flirts with you? 


Do you blush?  ProFUSEly!?? 

Check, yes.

How do you handle the attraction??!

Do you do the classic *bats eyelashes*? 

Oh hey!

Do you *Smile*? 

Of course 🙂

Compliment him

Well hello, handsome!”


Here is our NAS prompt for today’s topic:

Flirting is the special attention we give or receive from that special someone. Flirting is our way of showing the other person that we like them. There is verbal and non-verbal flirting, as well as appropriate vs. inappropriate flirting. What do you do or say to let your significant other/boyfriend know that you like him? What are ways that you like to be shown interest? What are the pros and cons of flirting?”

Oh flirting!  It can be good.  It can be really good. Or, it can just be really whereisthetrapdoorwhenIneedit awkward.

I like combining the non-verbal flirting cues with the verbal.

From experience, I know that smiling goes a long way.  Look the guy in the eye, and smile.  And perhaps add, “Hi, how are you? (*and smile.*)  Ask him about the things that he is interested in or passionate about.  Make him feel appreciated and respected.

When in doubt, here are some “Go-To’s” for flirting:

Smile, playfully tease, compliment and encourage.

Yesterday I was talking with one of my sisters about this topic of flirting.  She and I are both very much alike when it comes to flirting.  We can flirt alright, but when it comes to the guys who we like, we both freeze in our tracks, become tongue-tied, and perhaps even a little bit distant-seeming.  It’s weird.  I know.  I think that sometimes I lack the proactiveness with flirting with the guy I like because I’m fearful of: a) rejection, b) embarrassing myself, c) embarrassing him, or d) all of the above.


Is it worth the risk?!


(Just don’t embarrass him.)

(And for the record, when you DO flirt, and it DOES work, and the guy DOES ask you out, it is worth it!!)

I like it when the guy flirts by winking, holding the doors, complimenting, and calling me endearing terms.  I appreciate the guy who makes me feel safe and respected.  I like the guy who tells me how he feels about me: “I like you because…..(fill in blank.)”  The statement of affection gives me the comfort level to tell the guy how I feel about him too.

There is, of course, the “don’ts” for flirting.  My rule of thumb is this: If I would be leading the guy to have impure or lustful thoughts, or if I would be putting either of us in temptation, then don’t do or say whatever would cause that.

Generally speaking, I like to let the guy take the first step in the whole flirting game.  There is something so gosh-darned appealing about being pursued by a man.  But who says that we can’t take that first step and flirt with them?!  Think of how much the guys appreciate it when we ladies flirt with them!!  (Am I right?!)  Smile, look him in the eye, tease, laugh, be confident, shoulders back, chin up, and give the attention to the man you like.  It may give him the courage he needs to flirt back, and take the next step and ask you on a date!

Please leave me a comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on your flirting experiences!!  What are your favorite “Go-to’s” for flirting?

Make sure you stop by my co-hostess Lindsay’s blog and leave her some comment love too!


5 Responses to “NAS: Flirting!!”

  1. Beth Anne September 29, 2015 at 10:25 pm #

    I always kind of thought flirting was a bad thing. I think it was also hard for me to understand as it was very out of character for me. I was always very introverted and often didn’t even know what to say to people…especially guys I liked. I also never wanted to give the wrong impression.

    I like your tips though I always try to maintain eye contact and smile 🙂

    • Lindsay September 30, 2015 at 1:35 pm #

      I was hoping someone else would talk about the negative aspects of flirting, actually. It’s not as cut-and-dry as it might seem.

  2. Lindsay September 30, 2015 at 1:34 pm #

    I say yes to flirting first! Keep it chaste and friendly so that it won’t sting so much or so long if it doesn’t go anywhere.

    We plan to discuss pursuit in a future week, but I wrote in my post about the uncertainty men face when they want to pursue a woman. It lowers the risk of rejection a little bit when they know you’re interested in (or at least open to the possibility of) a romantic relationship. Be kind to everyone (because we’re Christians), but be a little more direct with the ones that have potential.


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