Saint Rose of Lima

19 Aug



Saint Rose’s name comes up in the Litany of Saints, therefore many people are familiar with her name.  But not many people know the details of her life.  My blog has been coming up in a lot of searches for Saint Rose since I posted a quote from her a while ago, so I decided to write about her in order to share with my readers and visitors what I know about her.  (She is my Confirmation Saint 🙂 )  In case you are unfamiliar with Confirmation, click here to learn more.)

Saint Rose was born in Lima, Peru, and lived from 1586-1617.   She was given the name Isabel at birth, and eventually acquired the name “Rose” because of her fair complexion.

Her  parents wanted her to get married, but she refused.  She rubbed peppers on her face in order to tarnish her complexion and thereby dissuade any suitors.  St. Rose wanted to dedicate her life to God through prayer, penance and virginity.  She remained on her parents’ property and lived in the garden cottage behind the house.  When her parents’ finances were low, St. Rose help support them by selling flowers that grew in the garden, and sold her needlework products.  St. Rose cared for the poor in her hometown and even cared for some of them on her parents’ property.   She was friends with Saint Martin de Porres, who also lived in Lima.  He was also very generous with his time and talent with the poor and needy in Lima.  St. Rose also looked up to St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) for a model of piety.

St. Rose is the Patroness of Care of the Sick, Mere Christian Love, and Serving the Poor.  Her feast day is commonly celebrated on August 23rd, or some places on August 24th.

Stay tuned for one of my favorite prayers to Saint Rose!



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