A Day in the Life

23 Jun

Here is a peak into my daily life.

“Where do you work?” and “What’s your position at the company?”  are two common questions I get.  I enjoy telling people about what I do, especially when they are familiar with a small, family-owned company, and the joys and struggles as such.

7:15 alarm goes off

7:30/7:40 I finally get up (I’m a night owl 🙂  (*I’m writing this post at 11:31pm)

Get ready, and get to work by 8:30

8:30 Turn on phones

8:45 Get coffee in the breakroom (make a mental note to make coffee at home that tastes like coffee and not someone’s half-baked, too-much-coffee-grounds attempt at making coffee.)

9:00 Finish processing orders that came through online from Ebay, Amazon and our other websites since yesterday.

9:30 Read customer inquiries and reply with quotes, answers to questions, etc.

10:00 (Is it break time yet?!?)

10:30 Answer phone calls in between writing up Purchase Orders and distributing the mail.

11:00 Morning Break – (20 min) read a book, walk outside, call someone in my family to chat

12:00 Paperwork, log repairs, returns and sending tracking numbers

12:30 Lunchtime!  Fruit and or veggies, pizza, or macaroni, or cold cut sandwich.  Or leftovers.  Or something haphazardly thrown together…just being honest here.

1:00 Lunch was good, do I need coffee to avoid a food coma?

1:30 Answer phones, work on the Bill of Materials for our new products

2:30 Proof read literature before being sent to a printer and (fingers-crossed) hope the edits I made get put into the print.

3:00 Hour of Divine Mercy – The Hour Jesus died, and the hour in which he gives us extra special graces to grow in love of neighbor and love of self “Jesus, I trust in you!”

3:05 Breaktime – read or take a walk outside.

3:30 Wistfully wish that I could move my desk outside where it’s hot and sunny

4:00 Get invoices from shipping, fold and seal them to mail out tomorrow

4:10 Gooollly man, this BOM (Bill of Materials) is a bear!!  (Tell myself, “Keep going, little Engine!”)

4:15 Send rest of tracking numbers for orders that were sent today, and hammer out some more of the BOM.

4:30 Make sure that purchasing is done for the day

4:45 Tidy my desk and start putting files away

4:50 Check status of returns and repairs and log data on a spreadsheet

5:00 Turn off the phones and go home.

5:20/5:25 Get home

6:30/6:45 Finish eating dinner and wonder how an hour and a half just went by.

7:10 Anything from doing the dishes, taking out the trash, mowing the grass, procrastinating paying bills, going to a dance lesson, texting friends, hanging out with my sisters, or wishing I had more time in the day.

8:30 Laundry, hanging out at the house

11:57 Bedtime.

Oops, almost forgot my prayers.

Ask God to forgive me for my sins, ask His help improving tomorrow and thank Him for His many blessings.

Goodnight!!! …..Rinse and repeat.


One Response to “A Day in the Life”

  1. LauraMarieForLife June 24, 2015 at 12:45 am #

    Ooh, that’s so fun to hear about what you do! What do you enjoy most about your job?

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