Oooh Technology

12 May


This, my friends, is the phone that I was using up until about… Oh, about two months ago.

Ha ha it is quite the slider phone, isn’t it?!

I finally made the jump to an i-phone.

And, I LOVE it!


When my older brother who is more technologically savvy than myself came to visit

with his family a couple months ago, he helped me pick out my phone.

It came in the mail several days later, and sat in it’s shiny new case for about another week.

(Yes, I know, when it comes to setting up new gadgets, passwords, user IDs, etc, I’m less than thrilled, hence the delay.)


Then, the night I was scrambling to finish my taxes (*cough* *tax procrastination* *cough*)

I told myself that when I finished my taxes, I would get my snazzy new phone set up and dialed in.

And my friends, it was GLORIOUS!!!!

I stayed up pretty late that week night getting all that done,

but, it was worth it.  And boy, are i-phones just amazing or what?!?!
You’re going to laugh, but I’m just now getting to the point where I’m experimenting

uploading pictures from my phone.  If you have any tips or tricks in making the process more

streamlined, please share your tips and advice with me.  I’d love to get some good user advice.


I have been away from Facebook to cut out distraction and to focus on other things,

and I’ve been wanting to blog more, and I want to post more pictures on my blog.

And I’m just now out how to upload pictures from my new little doohickey.

So thanks in advance for your patience.  I’ve had a good spring with several

cookouts, celebrations and the wedding of one of my very dear friends.

Can’t wait to share some pictures of these good times with you.


Have a fabulous weekend!

Love and prayers,




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