NAS: Good Qualities In A Husband

18 Feb

A couple weeks ago, Jen and our NAS group talked about qualities we want in our future husbands.  

I didn’t have enough time then to write about the topic, so I had a free evening tonight and

decided to jump in and weigh in on the topic.

Here are the questions for our writing prompts:

What are the qualities and characteristics that you are looking for in your future husband? We have talked about what we don’t want, but it’s good to have an idea of those things that are important to us. Discerning religious life? This applies to communities, as well!


It’s very important to me to marry a guy who shares my Catholic Faith.  In previous years, I’ve dated guys who didn’t share my faith.  They were dynamic, handsome, fun, and intelligent.  We had fun hanging out, yet there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing for me with each of those guys.  Last year I dated an awesome guy who was incredibly chivalrous, and respected me and treated me like a princess.  We eventually ended up talking about faith beliefs and we were both very passionate about our individual beliefs, which clashed a lot.  I gave the relationship a try to let things resonate and process, but we eventually agreed that there wasn’t sense in continuing to date if our very foundational beliefs were not the same.  This would have proven especially difficult in marriage with raising children.


Whether it’s camping, walking, mowing grass, sitting outside after a long day at work, or shooting hoops, I love the outdoors!  There is something about being outside and looking at trees, plants and flowers that just makes me happy.  Outdoorsy is definitely on the top of my list.


Honesty is always the best policy.  Truly, it is.


 “Tall” is negotiable, as long as he is taller than me when I am wearing heels 😉

Open to Life.

When I imagine myself with my future husband, I imagine us being open to life.  By that I mean that I pray for a husband who will lovingly accept every child as a gift, and won’t try to “plan” our lives by using contraception.  In my eyes, openness to life means a daily “Fiat” to God’s will.  God’s plans are better than mine!

Fun. And Silly.

A good sense of humor is preferable.  My sisters and I sometimes joke that we

won’t get married cause we’re too crazy and silly.  We use sarcasm, sound effects,

and sing along to Disney songs.  We might act like kids, but as I say, “I’m a child at heart.”


I find it very attractive in a guy when he is handy and is able to work on a car and fix things around the house.


Okay, okay.  This is not a “must-have” but let me tell you how my heart would pitter-pat and flutter like none-other if he could dance, even if just for me!

That about sums it up.  Of course, I could talk about this topic for a long time,

and I could add a few more items to the list, but I won’t bore you.

What are your non-negotiables in your future spouse?

Head over to Jen’s for more thoughts on this topic!!

Until next time my friends,

Stay warm, pray for me, and know of my prayers for you.




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