That Awkward Moment When . . . 7QT’s

5 Dec

7 Quick Takes Friday

Somehow I have a knack for being smack dab in the middle of awkward moments.  I guess that’s because awkward moments really have a way of seeking me out.  It’s funny, awkward and kinda sad cause it’s so embarrassing.  I’m working on laughing off the embarrassment part of things.  Here is what has happened lately, starting yesterday:

1. At work, I had just visited the ladies’ room and then went out to the shop where I had accidentally left my mug in the shipping department.  I was on my way back up to the offices to my desk when I saw a vendor standing at the front desk waiting for someone.  I hurried up to him and said “Hi!  Can I help you?”  He graciously told me who he had a meeting with, so I proceeded to call that person.  Shortly thereafter, I was getting up from my desk chair when I noticed that my shirt was rolled up in front.  My middle section was, thankfully, still covered, but I looked like I hiked my skirt up too high.  And I had just been so friendly and helpful to our vendor . . .  Had he noticed my outfit and my delightfully awkward situation with clothing? Oh golly.  LOL. You gotta love random moments for practicing humility.

It doesn’t stop there!

2. Last weekend after Thanksgiving, I was visiting my friend’s family’s house in Michigan.  We all went to Mass together on Sunday and then out to lunch afterwards.  I sat down at our table and then noticed that my slip was peeking out from under my skirt!  How long was my slip showing?  The whole morning?  Did it slip out (pun intended 😉 ) on my way up the aisle at Communion time?  I don’t know.  I wonder if anyone saw me fidgeting in my chair trying to nonchalantly adjust my clothing.  One word.  Awkward.

3.  Last week while in Michigan we played “Catch Phrase.”  I was trying to describe one of the words (I can’t remember what the word was because I was so flustered at the time) and I started to describe another word on accident.  I had misread the word on the screen.  Soon everyone was in fits of laughter, most especially myself, trying to duck for cover when my face started turning profusely red.  It was really actually quite hilarious and so embarrassing.

Have I mentioned that when you pray for humility you get it in spades?!?!  Haha, I love that God has a sense of humor! 🙂

How about that awkward moment when . . .

4.  At work earlier in the week, my boss asked me if I had ordered steel for one of the parts that we make.  I felt terrible because I had totally forgotten to order the steel.  He gave me the look of “And?” and I proceeded to check around to figure out where I had dropped the ball.  I pride myself in multi-tasking and being able to manage all the websites while editing the newsletter, and keeping customers happy in the meantime.  And to have something like that happen where I dropped the ball, was awful and awkward.  But hey, it’s a new day.  We all make mistakes.  And I’m still learning how to laugh at it instead of getting stressed out about it.  Because in reality, there was nothing I could have done at that point except to apologize, which I did, and then do better next time.

5.  Recently at work, I was sitting at my desk when one of the guys walked past me and practically whispered, “You smell nice.”  It caught me so off guard, and he said it so quietly, that I had to ask him what he said to make sure I heard it correctly.  He repeated himself and by this time I was turning red as he explained that, earlier in the day during break, when we were playing doubles in ping-pong, he had nearly run into me and smelled my perfume.  “Um, thanks!”  Awkward.

6.  I told some of the ladies at work that I should start keeping a running list of all the funny, awkward, random and embarrassing events that take place between me and my co-workers and customers.  It really is quite funny and some days these moments leave me laughing so hard that I cry.

7.  On that note, I’m going to get ready for work – happy Friday!

Don’t forget to visit Kelly’s over here!!!  She and Jen have some exciting news to share about the 7 Quick Takes!

PS.  What are some of your embarrassing, awkward, silly or random moments?  I’d love to hear about them!


2 Responses to “That Awkward Moment When . . . 7QT’s”

  1. Katie Herzing December 5, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    Thanks for sharing your awkward moments … I get in the middle of those all the time!

  2. Kelly M. December 7, 2014 at 5:33 pm #

    Blogs are the best for keeping track of all of life’s awkward moments! You’ll stumble back over this post at some point and just laugh!

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