7 Quick Takes: Defiance (A Movie Review), Ping Pong and Ballroom Dancing

21 Nov

7 Quick Takes Friday

Haaappy Frrriiidaaaaayy!


It snowed this week here in Indiana!  The snow was absolutely beautiful as it floated from the sky.

 With the snow we also have absolutely freeezzing temperatures.

 I keep a throw blanket in my car to lay over my lap as I drive.  It provides a lot of extra heat, which I love.


I counted, and there are officially 120 days until spring (which is, in essence, about 1/3 of the year away…..)

  For someone such as myself who can’t stand cold weather

(I’m one of those people who is perpetually cold, even in the summertime) and thrives in 87 degree weather,

I need to have some glimmer of hope that warm weather

will in actuality come back and that I won’t be a living icicle all year long.

Sooo I created a count down until spring. I know that might sound kind crazy, but whatever.

I can almost smell the warm air of spring!


A couple days ago I went to my cousin’s house to watch the movie “Defiance” with her and her boyfriend.

The movie is based on a true story of Jewish brothers during WWII who escaped into a forest in Poland where they built shelter and helped rescue hundreds of people from the Nazis.  If you like history, action and inspiration, this movie is a good choice!


It sounds really funny to say this, but we have a ping pong table at work.

The ping pong table is out in a corner of the shop.  During our morning and afternoon break, we play doubles.  I’m the

only girl that plays.  The games are really competitive, which makes for intense and hilarious scenarios.

Playing ping pong a good way to fight off the afternoon drowsiness and get in a mini workout.


This Saturday some of my siblings and I are going with some friends to watch bull-riding.

It’s basically a competition for guys to ride bulls and compete to see who can stay on the bull the longest.

It’s very entertaining.  The environment there at the arena is welcome to people of all ages and is a fun

way to spend a weekend evening.  They even have a half-time “show.”  Little kids are given play horses on a stick to race around cones.

There is also a race for couples and a “dance off.”  One of these days I will compete in the dance off – I need to find my cowboy first 😉


Speaking of dancing, I haven’t been ballroom dancing in months.  My instructor moved to a new studio

and I haven’t been there yet.  I’m planning to go tonight – I can hear the ballroom calling my name. . . .

There are few things as fun and energizing as dancing!  When I first began ballroom, I didn’t know a darn thing, save the

fact that the guy leads and the girl follows, and there are different rhythms for the various styles of dancing (like cha-cha,

bolero, hustle, swing, etc)  If you’re waiting for someone to give you the extra nudge to dry dancing, this is it – you will have

the time of your life!!  That’s coming from a girl who used to avoid dancing at all cost.


What else interesting do I have to share with you?  Um . . . . . oh golly.  It’s getting super late.  And I’m gonna crash.  And I still have to brush my teeth . . . I guess the rest will wait until another time.  I have yet to write my review of Jen’s book titled “Something Other Than God” – that will wait too.

Goodnight, friends. Rest in Christ this weekend.  What do you have on the agenda this weekend?

Be safe and keep warm!



PS: Stop over at Kelly’s for more 7QT’s!


2 Responses to “7 Quick Takes: Defiance (A Movie Review), Ping Pong and Ballroom Dancing”

  1. Joan November 21, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    I may join you in your countdown until spring! It’s been incredibly cold in MN this week, but it’s supposed to warm up to 30 tomorrow – I can’t wait! 🙂 I hope you have a lovely weekend!! 🙂

    • Rfog November 22, 2014 at 12:13 am #

      It’s supposed to be up in the 50’s this weekend! Cha-ching! I hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

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