7 Quick Takes Friday: Sisters, Puppy and Word of the Day

14 Nov

7 Quick Takes Friday


My sister J. who has been working and traveling the country has moved back home!  She is now living with me and two of our other sisters (there are five girls in our family – thankfully we are used to living with each other ;-).  We are delighted to have her home.  This week has been a shuffle of boxes and household items that are finding their homes around the house.


For a long time now, J. (my sister who I mentioned above) has been talking about getting a dog.  Well, it’s official!!!  She just bought a PUPPY!!!!  It’s an Irish goldendoodle (perfectly perfect not only because he’s a cute puppy, but he also shares our ethnicity 😉 Double score.


This summer I had the opportunity to meet up with some of my fellow NAS bloggers in Savannah.  Well, imagine my surprise when was reading through some blogs on Tuesday of this week I found out that Katie was going to be up in Indiana – in my part of the land!!  So, we met up on Wednesday evening and spent a couple hours catching up and solving the world’s problems.  I’m so blessed with her friendship.

Katie and Rachel NAS!


In an attempt to expand my vocabulary I’ve been looking up new words, and posting them on my dry erase board.  It’s been fun learning new words, and to see the reaction of my co-workers who’ve been getting a kick of the new words too.  My favorite word so far was “demisemihemiquaver” which means “A sixty-fourth note.”  I’m intrigued as to how that note would look when played on the piano. . . .


I recently read this story of the Miraculous Medal.  Mary’s prayers on our behalf are so incredibly powerful.  Check it out!  Who wouldn’t want to get to know Mary?


We have a ping-pong table at work that we play on during breaks.  You guys, it is so. much. fun.   Do any of you play ping pong?  I suggested that we have a ping-pong table or even tournament at our Christmas party this year.  We’ll see if my suggestion takes off.


Okay, I’m gonna go watch a movie with my sister K.  She’s asking when I’ll be done hammering away at the keys.

What have you been up to?

Don’t forget to visit the other bloggers over at Kelly’s blog!


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