Vinegar and Honey and other Home Remedies

6 Nov

The cold weather is here, which means that sinus & chest colds and flu bugs are more prominent during this time of year.

Here are some home remedies that will help you keep sickness at minimum this winter:

1) For as long as I can remember, apple cider vinegar and honey has been a staple when I’ve gotten a cold.  Apple cider vinegar has been used for many different remedies.  Vinegar can also be used as a household cleaner.  If I swore, I’d swear by vinegar – it’s seriously amazing.  I’ve had many a time where I feel a sore throat coming, and I make the vinegar & honey mixture and drink it and gargle with it, and before long, my symptoms of sore throat are gone.

Here’s how to make apple cider vinegar “cold-be-gone”: 

a) fill a drinking glass with water.

b) add six tablespoons (or more for more potency) of apple cider vinegar.

c) mix in two teaspoons of honey (just to add a little bit of sweetener to cut the vinegar taste)

d) drink it and gargle with it before you swallow.  It will sting your throat at first, but you will notice a significant difference in your throat (and even earache).

2) Wash your hands when you get home from being at work or out & about.  We don’t see the germs, but they are everyone.  Washing your hands vigorously with warm water & soap can help get rid of germs and prevent you from getting sick.

3) When you feel the earache or sore throat coming on, use some home-made hot packs to soothe the aches and help loosen the phlegm or fluid build-up

Here is what you’ll need: a) two wash cloths, and b) two zip-lock baggies.  Wet the wash cloths and wring them out slightly, keeping them damp enough that you can still wring a little bit of water out of them.  Put the wet wash cloths in the microwave for about 45 seconds, or until they become hot.  Remove from microwave and insert into zip-lock bags.  Seal the bags, and PRESTO!  Hot packs!  Use these on your ears or throat, of if you have a stomach ache.  I’ve used this remedy on my ears when I have an earache (which comes with about every cold I get) and it helps immensely to relieve the pain and pressure of the liquid buildup behind my ears.

4) Gargle with salt water.  It cuts through phlegm and helps get rid of germs.

5) Take vitamin C and vitamin D supplements or go straight to the source and eat green fruits and vegetables.  Most foods are processed and don’t contain many vitamins.  Foods such as peppers, onions, apples, garlic, and broccoli (just to name a few) are high in vitamin C and vitamin D.  When your body gets sick and achy, it’s oftentimes a result of a low percentage of these vitamins in your diet.  Our bodies naturally tell us what we need, and when we lack energy or feel under the weather, it’s usually because we’re not feeding it properly.  The fresher our food, the better!

I hope you find these tidbits helpful.  Have you tried any of these ideas before?   I’d love to know what you think!  Enjoy!


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