Planting, Weeding and Harvesting

30 Aug

This past week I was working outside in my flower patch.  I was noticing the sizes of the various kinds of flowers growing there, as well as the grass growing around the flower patch, and amount of sunlight the flower were getting, how much they were getting watered, and noticed the weeds sneaking into the mix.  


More edging

This picture was actually taken last summer.  This was the first stages of edging this flower bed.

Some weeds can camouflage themselves among flowers, and even sometimes the weeds produce flowers of their own, like the dandelion.  It’s very tricky, you see.

As I knelt there in the grass, pulling weeds from around the flowers, I noticed something.


My tools for edging the flower beds

My tools for edging the flower beds

These pesky weeds keep finding their way back into the flower beds.  It doesn’t matter how often or how much I pull weeds,  they manage to find their way back into the flower beds.  AND, I, with greater determination than before, (sometimes rolling my eyes) pull the weeds and grass that threaten to over-take the flowers.


What I noticed was that the flowers, the weeds and the gardener (whomever the gardener is) are much akin to virtue, vice and God.  


The flowers are like the virtues, the weeds are like the vices, and the gardener is like God.  As humans, we sin and fall away from grace in various ways and become entangled in vice.  We may not want to mess with vice, but we become ensnared.  


So too with flowers.  


Flowers don’t necessarily want the weeds around them either.  The attentive gardener continues to care for the flowers with great attention and care.  So too with persistence and God’s grace, we “weed out” the vices and sow virtues.  God loves helping us.  Afterall, He is Our Father.


God is the ultimate gardener and His harvest is rich.


We can run to Him as often as we want with our “weeds”, and He never tires of plucking the weeds out of our souls for us.  He gives us grace to sow and reap virtue in our lives.


Have you been to Confession lately?  The Ultimate Gardener is waiting there to help us pluck out our weeds and sow beautiful flowers.






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