Vehicle hopping & the Car Hospital

21 Aug

For the past, oh, I’m not really sure.  Couple months or so?  I’ve heard a “click” when I turn my steering wheel, when turning into or out of a parking space.  When I first started hearing that noise, I thought “hmm, that should be looked at” but never really gave it more thought than that. . . . 

. . . until this past Friday.

I was pulling my car out a parking spot when I heard a noise.  I don’t recall exactly what the sound was like, but I know I had that “Oh dear.  There goes something really bad under my car.”

And then the driving was acting really strange, and there was play in the steering wheel, and I drove really carefully.  I realized I maaayybe shouldn’t have been driving my car after that happened, but it was late and I needed to drive home.  So, I drove home.  Very cautiously.  And made it safely without mishap.

Well, the following day my dad and grandpa were over to work on my fridge (yes, suddenly I have LOTS to work on . . . more than usual) and they test-drove my car.  As my dad was pulling the car up to the curb after testing it, a little piece of rusted metal fell from the bottom of the car.  I kept that piece as a momento of “the day my car started falling apart.”  HAHA I really just had to laugh at the situation.  I thought “Is this really happening?”  It was funny and sobering at the same time.  “Will the car shop be able to fix my car?” and “Will I end up having to buy a new car?” were questions that kept swirling around in my head.  I prayed that the Lord would take care of me and provide and that I would be able to have my car fixed for a reasonable fee, rather than have to buy a new vehicle.

In the meantime, my dad lent me the family van.  A full-size van.  LOL.  Almost the whole week, my co-workers have teased and stared with increduility that I, not only know how to drive such a large vehicle but I also can drive it.  I informed them that I took my driving test to get my driver’s license in a full size van (true story.)  I can maneuver a vehicle, and full size vans, better than they guessed.  The other day as I left work, one of the guys walking across the parking lot kept glancing over like he couldn’t believe I could maneuver the van.  When I’ve been driving to and from work, I’ve been making it a point not to make eye contact with people at stop lights.  I can just feel their stare (and inside I’m laughing cause I know it just looks so funny to have a young lady such as myself driving such a huge vehicle.)  I should have someone take a picture of me sitting the van for posterity’s sake.

This weekend my dad needs to use the van to help one of my brothers move, so tonight he swapped the van for his car, an Oldsmobile or something of that style.  It’s a swanky, smooth old car that my grandparents used to drive!  Yeah baby!

My car is currently sitting over at the shop, probably shedding some big crocodile tears since I’m not there to take care of it.  I know he (my car) is in good hands.  The technicians have “operated” on my car a number of times before for oil changes, new brakes, and check-ups.  Maybe I’ll treat the car to ice cream and a car wash when he is granted leave from the car hospital shop.

I’m not sure whether the next few weeks will find me driving my trusty (slightly rusty) steed, or driving a new set of wheels.  Stay tuned!  

Until next time, keep it real!



4 Responses to “Vehicle hopping & the Car Hospital”

  1. LauraMarieForLife August 21, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

    That is awesome that you can drive a big van 🙂 Oooh, I feel you with car troubles. I wish owning a car were as simple as just getting in and driving, because I find the upkeep to be terribly annoying. Do you? Before driving back to school, we brought my car (a ’95 station wagon) in to be checked and have a couple things looked at, and it ended up costing more than what we paid for the car (it was a great deal). So now I’m wrestling with the idea of buying something else after school, or keeping this and risking lots of repair needs. Very interested to hear what you decide!

  2. Rachel-Elaine August 22, 2014 at 12:33 am #

    One. My name is Rachel too. And second. All throughout high school I drove a van my parent had since I was in elementary school. And it didn’t have air. In college I finally graduated to a Jeep Liberty. Which is still quite large but had air.

    • Rfog August 25, 2014 at 9:19 pm #

      I like your name 😉 I’ve officially driven four vehicles in the past two weeks . . . my car is in the shop and it’s getting a “major surgery.” Soon to be released!!


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