Life Is A Comedy; Roll With It

12 Aug



Some of you have heard me say, in passing, that someday I’m going to write a book.  This book may or may not be my life story.  If in fact it were my life story, it would be a comedy.  Otherwise it would be an action-packed best-seller that will take you through the rip-roaring, blush-enducing, belly-shaking day-by-day of The Life.


If you were sitting here with me, and asked me, “Have you ever had that awkward moment when…(insert random/awkward/funny situation here)”, sorry to interrupt, but yes.  Yes, I have. . . .  That awkward moment when you are buying ice cream for the whole family, and get water for each person, and oh sorry, the food joint didn’t have cup holder/carrier, so they gave you a tray to put the water cups on and told you not to spill it.  And THEN, you do just that (on accident of course, although it’s perfectly on cue) and turn around and alllll the water cups go whooshing onto the floor of Wendy’s?!?!?!!  LOL  YEahh, that was me  😉  Oops!  HAha


Or how ’bout that time when you called that cute guy in college the wrong name, to his face?  Golly.  Whew, that was awkward.


I’ve developed a pretty good sense of humor.  It helps by working customer service/door greeter/ people-pleaser types of jobs through the years.  You learn to just roll with it.  Working with allll types of people means learning to work with and interact with ALLLL kinds of people.   Everything from the sweet old grandma who forgot to put her teeth in this morning to the highly-sensitive and over-stressed business dude who needs his order NEXT DAY AIRED to his business.  Be patient, be professional, and be kind.


When people are pushy, well, joke around, loosen ’em up, and treat ’em with care and respect..  Keep a smile on your face, and when you start to loose your sense of calm, go get some water and walk a lap around the building.  Let the air fill your lungs.  Walk with purpose and intention.  Release the stress out the bottom of your feet.  With every step, push the pushy comments from the customer into space and smile – you made someone’s day cause you got their order out the door.  Good job!


There will be moments that you can’t erase.  Try hard, and when you fall, which will be inevitable, correct yourself without getting too bent out of shape.  WE all make mistakes.  Forgive quickly and move on.

There will be moments like that morning at work when word vomit came out of my mouth cause my tongue was so tied: “Wuieornlc?nxowhich!!uirnmb” *clears throat* “Pardon me, would you like that shipped via mail or UPS?”  *laughter* This word jumble question then rolls into laughter, and causes you to laugh so hard, that you AND the customer have a hard time talking because you both laugh so hard.  There will be moments like the time you realize that you didn’t put laundry detergent in ANY of the laundry loads and it all needs run through the washer again.  Yeah.  Um, not fun, but hey, we forget things cause we are busy, and you know what?  It’s okay.  Life is good, and life is funny, and sometimes a bit crazy.  Roll With It.


If you reallly want to keep work and life interesting, learn how to throw the jokes and comments right back at ’em.  Keep it kind and professional and charitable.  A sailor’s mouth is never welcome.  Learn to be quick-witted and silly.  Be yourself.  Keep it clean.  Have confidence in your silliness.  Your family, friends and co-workers will appreciate your sense of humor.


If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re stuck in a rut.  Talk it out with a family member, friend or co-worker.  Life is crazy, but what would it be like without the crazy?  It would be rather boring if you ask me.


All we have is today, so live it to the fullest, and keep rollin’ with the punches.


Until next time, keep it real.

PS.  Starting soon, I’m going to be hosting a series of interviews with guys on dating and relationships.  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Life Is A Comedy; Roll With It”

  1. Jen @ Jumping in Puddles August 12, 2014 at 9:14 pm #

    Um, I loved this. ALL of this. So good. 🙂


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