Business Tips Part 2: Give Each Employee A Chance To Prove Themselves

9 Jul

Remember the first time you drove a vehicle by yourself, the first time you cooked a meal, or the first time you played on a sports team?  Do you remember that feeling?  Remember the feeling of success as you put the car into park, the flavor of the meal that you made, the triumphant pass to the goal?  And you thought to yourself, “I did it.”


Everyone deserves the chance to prove themselves.  When it comes to talent, everyone has different and varied talents as well as varying degrees of talent.  Some people learn a skill right away while others take a longer time learning a skill.  Regardless of how long it takes a person to prove that they “have what it takes”, everyone deserves a chance to prove that they can do it.


Recently at work, I had the opportunity to let one of my fellow co-workers prove themselves.  We’ll call this co-worker “Joe.”  Joe is originally from a different country than the U.S., and has a bit of an accent.  His English and vocabulary are good, and he knows every part and inter-workings for his specific position in building machines.  He knows his job very well, does a good job, and is good to work with.  The only part of the job that he had not been given the chance to do was to give tech support over the phone.  This responsibility had not been given to him since customers might not be able to understand him.  I knew that Joe was capable of providing tech support and wanted him to be able to try tech support sometime.


So recently when a call came in and the gentleman on the phone needed tech support, I went to Joe and asked him to assist the customer.  He readily agreed to help.  


When the phone conversation was over, Joe came back to me smiling.  He said that he had been able to explain to the customer how to work his machine, and the customer was happy and satisfied.  A little while after that, Joe came to me and said that he would be more than willing to give tech support to phone customers in the future.  Done.  New tech support available if and when needed.  


Not only did this experience build Joe’s confidence, but it established an even deeper level of trust and respect between us.  Nobody has previously gone to Joe with need to tech support.  And Joe was able to prove himself with that phone call.  


When it comes to trying something new, either for yourself or a fellow employee, give it a chance.  You may be able to shatter falsely preconceived notions and prove that, “Yes, I can do it.”





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