NAS 1 Year In Review

3 Jun
(NAS 1 year anniversary is June 4th!!!)
Year in Review
How has your life changed in the past year? How has this community impacted you?
Have fun with this! Fave post? What would you like to see more of? Anything, really!
NAS pic
This community has been such a gift in my life.
I’ve looked to this series for encouragement and support in my journey.
It is truly an amazing network of women who share not only values and beliefs, but also our struggles and weaknesses.  Through this series, I’ve found support and reassurance in my path in life (both as a single and eventually for marriage!)
In the past year I’ve told many of my single female friends about this blog series.  I’ve even shared this blog series with a couple guys, the following story being my favorite:
A couple months ago, I was in a different state visiting family and it just so happened that I was able to go to Confession at the local Catholic Church.
I shared with the priest some things that I had been struggling with and it led into a conversation about the Marian Consecration by St. Louis De Montfort, which I was in the process of at that time.  The priest asked how I heard about the Marian Consecration and I told him how I’m part of this blogging group of single Catholic/Christian ladies who feel called to marriage, and how one of the ladies (Joan) invited anyone who wanted, to join her in the Marian Consecration during Lent.
Long story short, this priest was fascinated that such a group exists, and he asked if I would be okay with contacting their parish office and giving them the blogs/sites to put in their bulletin as a resource for other ladies.  How cool!  So, I did call the parish office and direct them to the blog series. I hope and pray that this series has touched other lives in that parish.  Ahh, cool how things work out like that, eh?
I’m so looking forward to meeting up this summer in Savannah
with a number of the women from this series, and for forming deeper friendships with them.
During the past year I’ve been on dates with a few different guys.  I’ve practiced dating tips that have
been discussed in this series and It’s proven effective and worthwhile 🙂
AND, in the past couple months, I’ve started to date an amazing guy – he is super fun, faith-filled, and overall a wonderful guy.
You ladies are wonderful and have been an inspiration to me!  Everything from dating, to “what not to say on a first date”, to our prayer lives, to just sharing about our daily lives has been encouraging.  It’s a good reminder that, like the title of the series says, we aren’t alone.  We’re all on the journey together.  We’re here to support, encourage, guide and affirm each other in our vocations and friendships.
Thanks to Jen & Morgan for their courage and wisdom in launching and running the series!
For more on the series and how we’ve been impacted over the last year, visit here & here.
Until next time, keep it real ; – )

2 Responses to “NAS 1 Year In Review”

  1. Jen @ Jumping in Puddles June 3, 2014 at 10:07 pm #

    What a great story! I hope, too, that some single women (and men?! ha) were able to realize they are not alone, either! It’s funny how easy it is that there are so many MORE single women, quite possibly struggling with the same things that aren’t online at all! And have no idea that they aren’t the only ones. 🙂 Great reminder, Rachel!

    I am glad you are part of this series! Thanks for sharing more about your life! Many blessings for your continued journey and your new relationship!!

    Can’t wait for Savannah!!!

  2. Joan June 3, 2014 at 11:53 pm #

    That’s so neat the priest wanted to use the series as a resource!! 🙂 I am so happy for you that you found an amazing man – God is so good! Can’t wait to hang out in Savannah!! 🙂

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