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30 May


Dear Friends,

It has been waaay too long since I’ve written to you. I’ve thought about you quite frequently, it’s true. I’ve missed you and have been eagerly awaiting the day that I can get back into blogging. (Long story shortened version, my internet has been down, hence my lack of writing.)  You have no idea how much I’ve missed writing.  I’ve been aching to write.  And I’ve missed being in touch with all of you.  So much so that one day at work when it was slow I thought of twenty-something blog topics to write about.

What have you been up to? These last couple months that I’ve been away from blogging, a lot has taken place. I think last time we spoke, it was sometime during Lent. Yep, it was towards the beginning of Lent. Ahhh, back when it was rather cold outside.

Spring has now sprung, with the arrival of warm weather, green grass, merry-making birds, and all things spring 🙂

So much to fill you in on!

I’ll start with my family:

Two of my brothers and their wives had babies (for one brother it was their first child, so very exciting times).  I had the honor of being the godmother to one of the new babies, so that was a very special occasion.  I now have a beautiful little soul to help take extra special care of and to help her grow in virtue and holiness.

My family is growing at a steady pace with every couple years we add a new niece or nephew.  I’m looking forward to the days until my sisters and I get married and begin to have families of our own. All in God’s beautiful, mysterious and wise timing. Truly, God knows best.

As for myself, I’ve been taking ballroom dance lessons and have been learning new techniques and dance moves for ballroom. Dancing is one of my passions. I pride myself in being a good follower in dancing (guys, you’re welcome;) ) and have taken upon myself the joyous task of fine-tuning my ballroom dance skills.

In addition, work has been going . . . well . . . very much like work. I am blessed to have a steady job, co-workers whom I truly enjoy and customers who I enjoy less than I enjoy my co-workers 😉


During these months of taking a break from the blogging sphere, I’ve taken many a moment to ponder the wide, wide world of topics to write about, and I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you not one, but two mini series that I am about to embark upon:

The first series will be upon Business Tips: Everything from Marketing to employee relationships, I am going to tackle topics that are business-related. I will focus a lot on best-practices for businesses.  During my first job right out of college, I had the opportunity to take two classes geared towards business practices and management.  Totally unrelated to my degree, which is in Theology, but if I had double-majored in college, I would have strongly considered business or management.  The world of business is utterly fascinating to me.

The second series that I am starting will be focused on the world of relationships, primarily from a singles perspective.  In this series I will be writing from both experience and opinion.  I will also include interviews with single guy friends, which I am very excited about.  Most books on the topic of relationships (at least the ones I’ve come across) are written by women, and it’s not as often that we get some perspective from relationships from the guys.  I’ve found that most guys I’ve talked to about this topic have much wisdom and insight and I’m looking forward to sharing this with you.  If you are reading this blog, and would like to be one of my “interviewees” on this topic, please email me at rachelfogarty at hotmail dot com, or simply comment below.

Please Note: I do not presume to be an expert on either topic. But, if you’re willing to see what I, and others, have to say about either topic, stay tuned!

Until next time, may Almighty God’s wisdom, guidance and fortitude be yours.

Keep it real.







2 Responses to “Back To Blogging World”

  1. Joan May 31, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    Excited to hear that all has been well for you!! 🙂


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    […] been a while since I’ve been dancing.  I mentioned last month that I had […]

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