NAS: “If only I knew then . . . “

11 Feb
What would you tell your former self about being single if given the chance? What have you learned that you wish you could tell your younger self?
1.  Stop worrying and projecting irrational fears onto your future.  Focus your attention on the many blessings each day brings.  It may sounds cliche and ridiculously cheesy, but it’s immensely helpful.  Worrying and projecting irrational fears onto your life takes away the happiness and joy that is meant to be there.  God doesn’t want us to worry.  He wants us to trust.  Each day, take the time to list in your head or on a piece of paper at least five things you’re grateful for.  This helps direct your attention from the negative things you’ve been thinking about, to the positive things.
2. Don’t judge people from first impressions.  Just as we’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, the same goes for people.  (Just as an example, in college, there was a female classmate who I perceived to be a person of low standards and a bit of a ditz.  When I actually got to know her during our junior and senior years I wished that I had actually given her more of a chance when I first met here.  She was a total blast, crazy-fun and always brightened my day.  The same goes for guys – give ’em a chance and don’t judge them by first impressions (unless they just don’t have any morals or standards and at which point walk away in the other direction very quickly.)
3. Pray more, worry less and don’t get caught up in the minutia.  This is a lot like step 1., but I need to reiterate because this advice is very important.  Stop worrying about and thinking and stressing and filling your brain capacity with things that, at the end of the day, don’t matter.  In the same manner that counting your blessings brings your focus to back to the positive, praying more often brings the focus to back to God, which leads away from the temptation, worry, fear and stress.  Seriously.  It works. 
4. You don’t have to prove anything, except that you are a child of God.  This exercise is actually good for things I need to be telling myself now 🙂  HA.  I find that funny.  I want SO badly to make a BIG difference and to BE SOMEBODY and DO GREAT THINGS and you know what I’ve realized?  A majority of this desire is to be able to prove it to myself.  Yep.  I don’t have to prove that I’m a hard worker, thoughtful, prudent with my finances, or that I can cook well.  At the end of the day, does any of that really matter?  (If “YES” then by all means carry on, but if “No” then quick wasting your time trying to prove yourself.)
Okie dokie, that’s all I’ve got for now. 
Be sure to link up with Morgan and Jen for more on this topic!
Until next time, Keep It Real.

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