The Abortion Center

10 Dec

This past Saturday we arrived at the abortion center at 11:05 AM.  No signs indicated what sort of building this was. Had I been a passerby, I would have thought it was an abandoned building.  That particular morning there were between 180 & 200 people walking around on the sidewalk in front of and beside the mint-colored, dark building.

My eyes welled with tears as my sister and I, along with one of our friends, joined the rest of the group on the sidewalk, walking silently in prayer, glancing at the police who watched the crowd that gathered to stand for LIFE.

Inside the building was doomsday and worse.  Unborn baby’s lives were being taken.  Blinds covering every window prevented anyone from seeing inside.  The little lives of the unborn babies would suddenly be taken for the sake of convenience, or perhaps because of peer pressure, or perhaps because of a lack of love.  Whatever the circumstances, we were gathered to stand up for the protection of the lives of these babies, whose voices could not be heard.

I did all I could to refrain from a sob.

What if one of those babies whose life was is in danger of death could be spared?  What if they could live to give their testimony?

I imagined what that would be like – a young man or woman recounting the day that their mom had scheduled an abortion, a day on which 180+ people, whom they didn’t even know, gathered to peacefully pray and witness with hopeful hearts that their prayers might result in a miracle – the MIRACLE OF LIFE spared from immanent death.  A lump blocked my throat and I blinked back tears.  I looked down at the pavement and then back up at the bright morning sky.

Soon the abortionist himself came outside the building with a couple of his nurses and they began to video the crowd with their phones.  We smiled and continued to silently pray.  My friend, P., who has been in dialogue with the abortionist and has talked about the Bible with him, greeted the man and walked over to talk with him.  They shared a few words while the rest of us continued our silent prayer.

After a little while, two young girls left the building.  They looked no older than 19 years old.  One of the women in the group walked over to the car as they were pulling away.  She held her Rosary out towards the car and asked the girl in the passenger seat if she wanted the Rosary.  The woman said, “Would you like a Rosary?”  The girl smiled weakly, shaking her head “no.”  The woman again asked the girl if she wanted the Rosary, and walked closer to the window, the girl rolling the window down.  The woman handed the girl the Rosary and told her that she can start anew and that she is loved.  I walked up and told the girl “we are praying for you and your baby.”  The car pulled away.

We prayed that God’s mercy, God’s eternal love, God’s gift of healing grace, could be poured out on those girls and all those going to and from the abortion center.

We prayed for all considering abortion, that they might choose life and spare the life of their child, and that whatever aches are in theirs hearts, that they might be healed.

We may never know the stress and hardships in the lives of these men and women, but we do know that the blessings that the lives of their children will bring far outweigh any hardship.

Share the gift of life and encourage your family and friends to pray for the lives of the unborn.  The lives of the unborn count just as much as our own lives.  The unborn babies need us.  They need YOU.  They need your prayers.

Please join me in prayer for the conversion and healing of all who are involved with abortion.  God’s loving mercy is here for them.  His love endures forever.  Help us help them start anew and join in prayer wherever you may be.


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