Attitude of Gratitude – Music Appreciation

27 Nov

Having taken piano lessons for 2 1/2 years when I was 10 or so, including a couple years singing in a youth choir prior to piano lessons, music has always had a very special place in my heart.


When I was 14 I had the opportunity to be a student usher at a theatre where concerts took place on a regular basis.  The evenings that my siblings and I ushered were filled with awe.  Once the theatre-goers were all seated, and the lights turned down, we ushers had the opportunity to watch the concert for free, being able to sit at the very tippy top of the balcony.  Ahh, I’m pretty sure it was there that I fell in love with the violin.  The master violinist would enter stage right before the conductor, and it was a very dramatic grand entrance for a violin.  And oh, how appropriate!  Next the conductor would enter and my heart would melt as the orchestra began to play music that was almost like Heaven.


Have I ever played in an orchestra?  No.  Would I like to someday?  . . . . . Is that a real question?!?  YES, I’d love to!


What genre of music do I like?  Wow, that’s a tough question.  My taste for music is wide and varied, although I tend toward more oldies/40’s & 50’s type.  Anything that has a really good beat grabs my attention.  Granted, while flipping through radio stations, and, say a rap with a really good beat comes on.  I will listen for a minute (depending on lyrics) and enjoy the beat.  Very frequently I jive to music while driving and use my steering wheel as my drums  🙂  Actually, just a couple weeks ago while driving with my Grandpa (on our way to the theatre, as a matter of fact!) he turned on a CD of his that he was very proud of that had swing music on it, and we sang and jived to the music in the car.


Music is a gift that I am So so SO grateful for.  To this day, I play the piano, sing on almost a daily basis (working on getting my vocal chords in shape for the Christmas caroling season) and own (while have yet to learn how to play) a violin and  . . . . . . an instrument that is not often heard of or played.  It’s an instrument that my dear parents, after hearing me mention – in passing – the desire for said instrument when I was about 14, bought one from a local musician for me.  It, my dear readers, is a xylophone.  Yes, I have a xylophone!  It’s great 🙂  Check out this cool video of a xylophonist.  How cool is that?  (Just for the record, I am NOWHERE near that good on the xylophone . . someday 😉  )


Do you have a special appreciation for music?  What is your favorite genre?  Do you play an instrument or sing or both?  OR do you dance?  OOhh, or all of the above?  🙂


PS, If you want another great video of music, watch this.  I got a kick out of how delighted the conductor is during the whole concert (I just watched bits and pieces.)  It makes me happy watching his kid-like enthusiasm!  He pretty much expresses my delight in music, and Tchaikovsky is just so darned good, which makes the video all that much more delightful.





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