A Thank You To the Guys

27 Nov

Dear Guys,

Today I’d like to take a minute to express how grateful I am for you gentlemen.

Thank you for just being you.


Thank you for wearing your hat backwards, and for playing football.

Thank you for wrestling with each other and being competitive.

For rising above the pressures from society and media, for avoiding temptation, thank you.

For helping clean the kitchen and for taking out the trash, thank you.

For holding the door, listening to our frustrations, and for your words of encouragement, thank you.

For avoiding foul language, thank you.

Thank you for respecting us as daughters of God, and for your witness to Christ by the way you live your life.


For all the little things you do that may seem to go un-noticed: for working early and staying late, for praying for us in the quite of your room or the Adoration Chapel, for your patience when we are stressing you out, thank you.

For being the men in our lives who give us the strength to be Women of God – upright and virtuous.  Without you, how could we know how to be women of God?

For mowing the grass and washing the car,

for changing the oil and calling us to chat,

for calling us out when we need to rise above the occasion,

for putting us in our place when we are rude or ungrateful, thank you.


For being strong & manly and showing us your strength – we don’t have the ability to do so many things that YOU can do.

Thank you for protecting life – how vulnerable it is, and how unspeakably powerful is your defense of and protection of life.

Thank you for treating us with care, compassion, loyalty and selflessness – we couldn’t be women without you guys.


For playing and interacting with kids, and taking the time to get to know them and care for them, thank you.

For your wisdom, for your ability to see the Big Picture, for keeping our wits about us when everything is spiraling out of control, thank you.

For sitting down and asking how we are doing.  There are few things that speak so much love to us as your thoughtfulness and attentiveness to us.


Thank you for your faithfulness, for your custody of the eyes, and for avoiding impurity.

Thank you for putting up with our emotions.

For taking care of us when we are sick, or lonely or hurting, wow, thank you!

For walking us to our cars when it’s dark out, for sharing your jacket when it’s cold, for lending your gloves to keep our fingers warm.


For every little thing that I haven’t mentioned, and for every thing that goes unseen, thank you.

For keeping God FIRST, and for loving and honoring Our Blessed Mother Mary, thank you.  Your Faith life is an inspiration to us.

Do you know how manly it is to be a son of God?  No seriously, do you?  Yeah, you score BIGTIME in our book!

Thank you for being you.

We love, honor, respect, and admire you.  All those little things that sometimes seem to go un-noticed, we do notice and we appreciate all that you do.

You make us whole, you make us complete.

Thank you for being you.

Please pray for us and know of our prayers for you.



The Women


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