Natural Health via Vinegar & Honey

24 Nov

Are you an all-organic or all-natural person?   Do you avoid artificial additives in everything?  If so, kudos!  I sincerely commend you for your healthy choices.  Additionally, just as a warning, as much as I would like to try to eat and be more organic and natural, I am not.  So I warn you, if you keep reading, you’re at your own risk:

I like eating healthy, but I’m not 100% natural and I’m not 100% organic.

Choosing from vegetables and fruits with the occasional bag of chips and ice cream is the way I like to go with foods.  (Original flavored potato chips – I could eat a whole bag in one day if I let myself!)

As far as health and wellness remedies go, I’d like to share with you some of my tried and true health tips.

With the COLD & FLU season here, I’m gonna let you in on two little health tip that have saved me from MANY a cold and flu.

First tip:

Sore throat & sinus craziness:

CONSUMER WARNING: It tastes bad.  (Just like many things that are good for you.)

Vinegar & Honey:


1 full glass water (8 ounces)

4 tablespoons vinegar

2 tablespoons honey


Oh, honey, let me tell you!  (Pun intended 😉 ) You will save yourself MANY bouts with cold & flu with this friendly little concoction.  It’s cheap, it’s natural, it heals.

There have been a number of times when I’ve felt myself getting a sore throat or ear ache.  Once I start getting the symptoms, I whip up a little dose of VHW (vinegar, honey & water) and guzzle down a few glasses (gargling here and there just for good measure) and within a day or two of drinking this remedy, your symptoms will be in Timbuktu.


Once upon a time, I was a little girl and had a bad cold.  My mom made me a vinegar/water/honey concoction and told me to drink the whole glass.  She said it would help heal my sore throat, runny nose and earache.

Reluctantly, I drank the dubious douse of dreaded disgustingness.

After that, my mom made another glass of vinegar/water/honey and told me to drink the whole glass.  She told me “It will flush all the germs out.”  Again, I reluctantly drank it down.

Surprisingly, my symptoms dissipated after babying my throat for a couple days with this natural remedy.  My throat wasn’t sore, and I felt much better.

Easy Peasy.

Second tip:

Ear Ache: (Which, by the way, is just about as bad as a sore throat if you ask me.)

Earlier this fall, I felt a cold coming on, so I procured for myself a glass of ye-olde VHW (vinegar, honey & water) and swigged ‘er down.  In addition to said remedy, I made hot packs in the microwave for my achy ears.  Hot packs can be made by simply taking two wash cloths, running them under the water until completely wet and then ringing out most (not all) the excess water, putting the cloths in the microwave for 1 minute, and then putting each cloth in a zip-lock bag.  Then you have home-made hot packs.  Wrap zip locks in thin towels if too hot, and apply to ears.  The heat from the hot packs applied to the ears are about as natural, cost-effective, and inexpensive as you can get.  You’re welcome  🙂


Do you have any natural remedies you’d like to share?  Would you like to be a guest blogger about a natural remedy?  I would be more than happy to hear from you!  If you’re interested, you can email me at rachelfogarty (at)  Hotmail (dot) com.


Have a great start to the week, and stay healthy!



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