7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 3

16 Nov

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 220)

Yep, it’s true.  This is my 3rd post partaking in the 7 Quick Takes.  Clearly I do not participate in this series very often…so I thought it was about time:

1.  Three out of five days this work week, I’ve been to morning Mass, meeting up with my Grandpa there.  We sit together and then after Mass, drive the 4 minutes (literally) to his house.  We made breakfast together (fried eggs, waffles & orange juice) and talked & laughed before I headed off to work.  He is seriously THE MOST amazing. Grandpa. ever.  He is SO funny.  And Christ-like.  And SUCH a true man.

2.  Country music has become one of my faves.  I frequently have dance parties in my car on my drive to and from work.  One of my sisters sent me this cute pic 🙂  (Just for the record, I had high standards before country music 😉 ) Do any of you like country?


3.  My students in religious ed. are so funny.  This week I posed the question, “When a person dies, other than Heaven, where else can a soul go?”  To which one of the students shouted out, “Portugal!”  Ha!  So super cute and funny.

4.  Recently I bought these cute wall word pictures at Big Lots:


I love quotes, words, wall-words, etc.  Check out this little plaque in my hallway:


(Sorry the pictures are kinda grainy.)  I got the above pic. for a grand total of $3 at Goodwill.  Thrifty shopping?  Yes, please.

5.  My violin might be a little dusty, but I am proud to announce that I will soon be taking violin lessons!  I have never had official violin lessons, and to actually play the violin well has been one of my dreams for a long time.  I had my violin out yesterday to tinker around on it, and needless to say, I was in Heaven.  I can hardly wait for lessons to commence.

6.  Thursday night I volunteered with a couple women here in town to bring food and supplies downtown to the homeless.  Usually the Franciscan Friars here in town help out too, but that night, they were busy with something else.  My heart goes out to the homeless so much.  I can’t even imagine not having a place to call “mine” or having an income, and having to live off the generosity of others.  Pray for the homeless.

7.  Tonight my older sister is hosting a movie marathon.  We are watching the Anne of Green Gables series (as many as we can fit into the evening.)  We are having a big group of friends, girls AND guys (wow, those guys are brave!) and it’s going to be a blast.

For more on the 7 Quick takes, link up with Jen!

Have a good weekend, friends!


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