Attitudes Are Contagious – Is Yours Worth Catching?

3 Nov

This cute little ditty in the above title

is not an original, so I won’t take the credit for it.

But, it struck a chord with me.

I’ve decided to start my second-annual blog roll


(last year I called it “Three Weeks of Thankfulness“)

Not often enough do I take the time to THANK GOD.

Most of the time, I am begging God for something.

Not often enough do I step back,

look at my life,

and give thanks.


by means of my


Last week, I was not so grateful.

Ya know,

I complained a LOT THIS PAST WEEK.

I was cranky,

and irritable,

and UGH.

Now I’m ready to stop all the whining,

and focus on GOD with GRATITUDE.

Today I’m GRATEFUL for:

 – My friends: my accountability partners when the going gets tough

– My mom and dad who are there for me through thick and thin

(Thanks, mom, for all your love, patience & care this weekend when I was in a frazzled time crunch)

– Little Caesar’s “HOT & READY” pizzas – YUM!

– The fall leaves this year – they are GOR.GEOUS.

– Music (Just for the record, I heard Lourde for the first time a couple weeks ago on Morgan’s blog.  Then, yesterday I was in the car with my lil’ sis, and one of Lourde’s songs came up on the radio and I said “Oh yeah, this is Lourde.”  My sister, “You know who this is???!!  See, that’s why I love hanging out with you so much, cause you keep up with stuff like this.”  I SCORED BIG TIME BROWNIE POINTS WITH MY SIS!!! 🙂  (Thanks, Morgan! 🙂  )

– The furnace.  I.  LOVE.  HEAT.  (I am SUCH a baby about wintertime – the cold air, cold temperature, cold ears, cold everything.)  Sooooo grateful to God for warmth/HEAT!

What is your ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE?  What are you thankful for?

I’d love to share in your gratitude.  Feel free to chime in.


2 Responses to “Attitudes Are Contagious – Is Yours Worth Catching?”


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