Saturday Afternoons

2 Nov

Good morning!

This weekend is going to be full,

after a very full and cRaZy, emotionally challenging week.

Tonight I am attending a bridal shower.

This afternoon I am going shopping for a gift for the engaged couple.

After blogging, I will tackle some clutter and get my room in order.*

(*Order is the First Law of Creation.  Someday, maybe in the

near future, I will blog on this topic.)

Going to go to Confession later in order to wipe the proverbial slate clean.

* * * *

Have you ever been in a situation where you were called to

counsel/guide/pray for someone?

Well, I could probably write a novel about

the times in my life when I truly think that the

Holy Spirit has worked in and through me

to guide, pray for and simply be there for a person/situation.

People and situations of this sort just seem to have a

magnetic pull towards me.

I don’t seek out these situations

because they are so emotionally & mentally draining.

These situations seek me out.

I try to remind myself that God is using me to do His work,

and I need to just suck it up offer it up.

Case In Point:

Recently a guy, who is going through an annulment,

asked me out on a date.

I told him I couldn’t go,

explained why, and called it a day.

I wish I had an easier “out” like, 

“I’m not interested.  K thanks. Bye.”

But life is just not that simple.

I had to tell him the hard truth – 

what he didn’t want to hear.

 “You are a married man.

You can’t be dating right now.

Let alone be looking for another woman.”

(And I explained this to him in more detail.)


Nevertheless.  We are responsible to instruct the ignorant,

admonish the sinner, and counsel the doubtful,

with great care and compassion.

We are called to witness to our Catholic Faith at all times.


We are called to spread the Gospel in our daily lives

by instructing our friends, family and foes alike

whether that be through prayer, conversation, or tactfully written emails.

This guy has had a lot of stress, confusion and drama

throughout his relationships, and he is hurting.

He told me he hasn’t done things right

and wants to start new.

My heart hurts for him and his family.

Pray and dialogue.  Pray and dialogue.

If you think about it, please pray for him.  Pray for me too.

* * * *

It’s time to go eat lunch and get my day rolling.

Maybe I’ll get the chance to talk a walk and enjoy the beautiful fall-colored trees.

What are your plans for the weekend?

May your day be productive, refreshing, and peaceful.

Pray for me and know of my prayers for you.


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