Crossing Paths

20 Oct

I saw him through the window of the coffee shop.  He walked along with a bit of a lilt.


A gray-brown cap covered his shaggy hair.  My first thought of him was “He looks poor.  I wonder if he is coming to meet up with friends.”


He walked in the door to the coffee shop, wearing navy blue overalls, a leather jacket, thick-rimmed glasses and ear buds in his ears.


He quickly found a seat for himself on an empty couch, immediately staring down at his phone screen.  I wondered if he is a car technician with the navy overalls.


He looked content enough while being entertained with his phone, yet I wondered.  “He looks lonely.  Does he come here to a place where people hang out so that he could be part of a lively environment?  Where is he from?  What is his story?”


He looked like he was from humble surroundings.  He did not look educated or affluent.  I had the notion to walk over to the couch across from him, to introduce myself and make conversation, yet I held back.   I might get looks from the other people in the coffee shop.  I was afraid of what others might think.


Wanting to probe his mind and hear his story, I just couldn’t move myself.  I wanted to talk with this guy and show him that someone cares about him.  His well-being.  His life.  But somehow I couldn’t find it in myself to walk over and start talking with him.


The lack of courage got the better of me, and the guy left the coffee shop before I did.  One thing is for certain.  I may not have had the courage to introduce myself to and talk with a stranger, but I can pray for him, that God would watch over him and protect him.  I can pray that he has a roof over his head, family and friends nearby, and a job.


Sometimes God lets people cross our paths for reasons unknown.  We may never have the opportunity to meet all the people who cross our path, but we certainly do have the opportunity to pray for them.  Will you join me in prayer?







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