Dog In The House VS Girl Locked Outside

15 Oct

Here follows a story of a dog and a girl.

The dog is my family’s dog and I am the girl locked outside the house.

Here is the scenario:

Family out of town – I’m in town.

I will take care of doggie.  Doggie will be happy.  Sounds simply enough, right?


Here’s how the story played out:

To give you a little bit of background, my family’s dog is incredibly adorable.  Seriously.  She has an energetic personality that is unique in her own hilarious sort of way.  I love this dog like craaazy!

So, I went to my parent’s house to feed the dog and take her on a walk.

Easy enough, right?  Umm., er. Weeell.

Before heading out for the walk, like any responsible person, I made sure I locked the door, had the house key, my cell phone, and a doggie bag.  The walk was rigorous.  Doggie was on the hunt for something, or just wanted to walk at 37 mph while I ran-walked with her in the lead.  She sniffed grass, bugs, trees, bushes and the sidewalk.  It was a great adventure.  The weather was formidable and I laughed that doggie was so. excited. about EVERYTHING.  She always gets excited like this, and never gets tired of the same grass, bugs, trees, bushes and sidewalk.  It’s all always a new adventure in doggie land.

The walk wraps up, and we get back to my parent’s house.  I unlock the door, let the doggie in, and walk over and lay my cell phone and house key on the table.  Proceeding out the garage door, I hear the door close behind me, and I think nothing of it.  The door always closes behind me.  Well, little did I know that the door was locked from the inside leaving me stranded outside, sans key and cell phone.

Wrut wro!

I checked every door, and every door was locked.  Which was good, except I was supposed to be in the house, not outside the house.

Not letting it bother me too much while I inwardly kicked myself for letting myself get locked out, I walked around the house, saw my car, and realized “I have a book here that I can read while waiting for my family to get home (they were about 45 minutes away) Cha-ching!

And!  The book I had was a fiction novel, crazy funny, and true-to-life.  A very fitting story for said situation.

Thus, the defeat actually ended in a mini victory because I had “locked in” (actually “locked out”) time for reading.

Finding a place to sit on the front porch, I soon buried myself in the fiction novel.

Very shortly thereafter, there appeared a doggie sniffle from under the front door.  I peeked in the door window and saw doggie looking up at me like “WHY???? Are you outside and NOT INSIDE??”  GAH.  My heart felt so sad.  The dog ran to the window in the dining room where she could see out and barked, something to the effect of “If you don’t get in here now, I’m coming out to get you.”  Which, I would totally have been cool with if the dog could actually perform tricks like unlocking the door for me.  A girl can dream, right?

About forty-five minutes went by, while in the meantime, I go back and forth between reading my book, and trying to be as proximately near to the dog as possible so she wouldn’t think I had abandoned her.  “Hey baby face, it’s okay.  Ssshhh, honey, it’s okay.”

Then (trumpets, please) my parent’s arrived WITH A HOUSE KEY.

(And yes, they were kinda wondering why I was sitting on the front porch reading a book.  We all got a good laugh when I shared them the adventure story of doggie vs. girl.)

Shortly thereafter, we all sat down for a pizza dinner and lived happily ever after.


Have you had any funny/embarrassing stories/life situations lately?


When you are in a situation that leaves you stuck in a place where your patience is tried and you feel frustrated, do you lose your cool, or do you look at the bright side (hey, it could have been -30 degrees and freeezzzing outside when I was locked out, but it was warm) and see the situation as an opportunity for growth (patience & gratitude for all the positives).


Stay tuned!  God bless the rest of your week.  Please pray for me and know of my prayers for you.






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