Let’s Begin With A Little Bit Of Humor

11 Oct

Somehow in the past month, I’ve managed to find myself in a looottt of humorous situations.  Pretty much all of these situations which I am about to relate, could have been very stressful (and yes, sometimes they were) but I tried to find the humor in the situation, or find value in the lesson being learned, given the circumstances of each situation.  With that, I will begin with embarrassing story #1:


Flat Tire, Taco Bell & Angel

A couple weeks ago I was driving along, minding my own business, when suddenly after driving through a major intersection, I knew something had gone wrong with one of my tires.  Oh no.  I thought I had a flat.  As providence provided, there was an auto store just down the road.  I pulled into the parking lot, parked my car, and circled my car searching for the ailing tire.  I soon located a bolt happily lodged in my front right tire.  I called my dad, to ask him what to do, and he said that he & my brother would come meet me and help me.

(This is what I was afraid of:)

In the meantime, I was hungry for dinner as I hadn’t had dinner yet and it was around 7:30 pm.  There was a Taco Bell next to the auto store, so I walked over to use the facilities and buy some dinner.

Walking through the parking lot, I saw there was construction being done at this fast food joint, and I could see that the lobby and eating area inside was all in “construction” mode.  That didn’t deter me from entering.  I thought “If they don’t want me in here, they’ll tell me.”  I proceeded inside, and in to the restroom.  All of a sudden, from inside the restroom, I heard knocking on the door.  And knocking again.  I tried yelling above the noise of the power tools “JUST A MINUTE!”  Right as I exited the room, there was a lady standing outside the door, who promptly informed me that I wasn’t supposed to be in there.  I thought “Okay, ’cause I’m leaving now.”  I almost had the audacity to walk through the drive-thru, laugh at the craziness, order my food and head back to my car.  But, sticking to my strong avoidance of all things out-of-the-ordinary, I stuck to the “let’s not get too excited here” idea and walked back to my car.  And yeah, I didn’t want to give that lady any more reason to think I was crazy.

Upon arriving back at my car, I picked up the book I had fortunately brought with me, and read for a while, waiting for my dad and brother to arrive.

Then he appeared.  An employee of the auto store, in his 30’s or 40’s (I’m a terrible judge of age.) asking me if I needed help with anything.  I explained my predicament and told him I was waiting for my dad.  He promptly informed me that he had just the tools and know-how to get the bolt out of my tire, and the hole patched up.  Upon my consent, he hurried over to his car, brought back a tool box, and within three minutes, had the bolt removed, and the hole plugged.  All I had to do was put more air in my tire and whallah!!!  Problem solved!!!  I called my dad to let him know the problem was solved, bolt removed, and my car was just in need of some air in the tire.

I thought that guy might be an angel in disguise.  And, despite the situation with my tire, I managed to find humor in all the craziness and thanked God for a friendly helper in my time of need.

To this day since that incident, my tire has been doing just fine.


Next up on the blog: Dog in the House VS Girl locked outside

Stayed tuned!!







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