NAS: Icebreaker!

2 Sep
~ Age: 26
~ Area of country – Midwest
~ Are you working?  I work as receptionist / sales / marketing / inter-office tech (yeah, crazy to work on computers and have no experience prior except what my boss has taught me on the job.  Pretty cool, but kinda tough some days!)
~ Family: I’m #4 of 8.   My family is really close and we are a spontaneous, CRAZY, fun-loving, energetic bunch.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!  ( I’m 3rd from the left in the pic and one of the sibs is missing from this photo.)
This is a picture of my brother and his wife- they got married a month ago!  They make a wonderful couple!
~ How did your parents meet? My parent’s met at a Catholic young adult night.
~ Confirmation Saint: Saint Rose of Lima
~ Favorite Gospel: Ummmm… one of my favorites (which is actually found in three of the Gospels) is when Jesus says to ask, seek, knock, and the door will be opened.  Power of Prayer = amAzing!
~ # of previous relationships?  Worthy of a FB status change = 1.
~ Top 3 qualities you are looking for in your hubby: (Practicing & faithful Catholic of course) Outdoorsy, enjoys music (listening to music, singing, etc.), and humble, as in, not full of himself.  (Big egos are no bueno:-p) (I know I’m going over the “top 3”, but two big ones are: 1) openness to life as a father, and 2) Will wear his baseball hat backwards (I KNOW!  Kinda weird, but for some reason, I LOVE it when guys wear their baseball hats backwards.
~ Online dating experience?  I’ve never done the online dating thing, but I know it works!  If you are feelin’ the tug, give it a whirl.  I’ve heard from friends that it’s better to meet in person within the first couple weeks of getting to know each other.
~ Advice for a single lady: Be yourself, comparing yourself to other women can bring you down, so be confident in who you are!  Pray to do the will. of. God.  Can’t go wrong with that – He’s our Ultimate Lover ❤ #NASallthesingleladies
Fave thing to do outside of blogging and work: Hang out with friends & sisters (I share a house with two of my sisters) and having good (aka deep/meaningful) conversations, Frisbee, running, reading, working on my yard, and playing piano.
Link up with Jen and Morgan for more on the NAS.

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