Poorest of the Poor – Part 1

8 Aug

Last Saturday I flew back from my mission trip in St. Louis with the Missionaries of Charity.

My heart was stretched in so many ways during this trip.

I think I got more out of this mission trip than I actually put into it.  Granted, we did a lot of work, but you know, the grace of God is so mysterious.  He taught me many things during my week in St. Louis.

Serving the women who stayed in the homeless shelter, interacting with the children at the summer camp, praying with Sisters in Adoration, the words, “Jesus, I Trust in You” resonated in my heart every day.  “Lord, I want to trust in YOUR PLAN, but what it is?”  “I want to do something big, something that will make a big difference.”  “I have aspirations for my life, Lord, help me make a difference.”  “JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU.”

How in the world did I think I was going to be doing something so big, when in reality, I WASN’T doing something big or extraordinary.  Everything was, in actuality, very ordinary.

I cooked, mopped, did laundry, prayed, rested, played with children, cleaned dishes, helped organize supplies for camp.

In a very quiet, simple, yet profound way, I re-learned the importance of the little things we do. 

The little prayer, the little sacrifice, the little smile, the little cross we carry, the little act of faith.

All is for God when we accept it with gratitude and offer it back to Him with hearts full of love.

Everything is grace.  The Sisters were living witnesses of these simple truths.  They embodied Christ-like living in such a profound, yet utterly ordinary way.

My heart was so saddened talking with the women who stayed at the homeless shelter.  No place to call home, some distanced from family, without financial support, hearts broken, some ungrateful, some very grateful, some sweet, some bitter – all needing prayer.  What we cannot do, we can entrust to God through prayer.  The Sisters pray at six intervals throughout the day.  COMPLETE TRUST.

What we do, we can do with great love, heroic patience, profound charity, complete trust.



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