Painting Progress

13 Jul

Yeah, you’ve probably realized by now that I like doing things.  A couple weeks ago I was doing a bunch of yard work outside, while simultaneously working on the house inside.

For a while I had been wanting to paint the bathroom.  So, one day a few weeks ago I bought paint.  I brought it home and started painting, only to realize the shade of blue was a bit too bold for the small bathroom. 

So, I took the paint back to Lowe’s to see if they could add some white to tone down the blue just a bit.  The employees there were very friendly and helpful. 

The guy that helped adjust the shade of paint to the desired color began adding some white. 

After mixing the paint, he tested the color and said, “Nope, still too blue.”  He went back to adding more white. 

That scenario happened at least three more times before the paint became the chosen shade of blue.  (I’m not that hard to please, I promise – I just wanted to match the shade of blue to a complementary color that was already in the décor in the bathroom.) 

It was a funny situation adding more and MORE and MORE white to the paint.  And.  The weird thing is that the two shades were not all that different.

I joked with the guy working at the paint counter that I just wanted to help him get the full effect of his work shift in the paint department 🙂

I even told him that I’m not gonna know what to tell people when they asked what shade I got.  I said I will have to say, “Well, first get a gallon of “Blue Raindrop.”  Then have them add about 10 shots of white paint and you’ll be good to go” 😉

You may be wondering by now what the final product looked like.  Here are some pictures of the whole process BEFORE and AFTER:


Whatta ya think?!?!?!

Do you have any painting tips you’d like to share?

I’d love to receive your input!


One Response to “Painting Progress”

  1. Dan/Dad July 13, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    I like!


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