Ppl dont now how 2 spell or com-yune-i-cate ennymor

19 Jun

Do any of you ever find yourself reading an article in a magazine, newspaper, or book, and find yourself looking for grammatical and spelling errors?


Ya know, the person who uses the word “their” instead of “there”, “your” instead of “you’re”, and “were” instead of “where”?  I mean, come on people, seriously?


I’d like to introduce you to someone who looks for spelling and grammatical errors ALLLL the time.


Guess who?


Yep, it’s me, yours truly!


I am a spelling fanatic.  And, I do really like proper grammatical structure.  I never, EVER make grammatical mistakes.  (Okay, realistically, yes, I do make grammatical and spelling errors:)  You thought I was being serious, didn’t you?!)


Now, while I’m on the topic of spelling and the lack thereof, I think it poignant to mention TEXTING.




I remember when texting was getting really popular and I still had a flip phone, (which, by the way, I held onto for dear life until the day I was practically forced to get the “slide phone.”)  I remember thinking to myself and even having conversations about texting and how texting is SO OVER-RATED.  Which, yes, it is, but I will certainly give credit where credit is due.  Yes, I use my texting feature every day, and it just makes so much sense now that I have that ability on my phone.



However, “Moderation In ALL THINGS.”  And texting is by no means an exception.


In the world of communication, and what with all the articles, books and surveys on this very topic of communication, you’d think that communication would be getting better. . . . . *cricket cricket*


AHEM, here is my point: while I totally enjoy technology and all wonderful ease of quick communication with people, I think that the form of face-t0-face communication has greatly decreased.  *Sigh*


Have you ever seen two people texting each other while sitting in the same room?  Yes, silly and, yes, sorta funny, that is true.  


Have you every seen a group of people walking along, everyone wearing ear buds or beats, while not talking to a single person around them, with blank stares on their faces, as though there was nobody else around them???  Uh yeah.  But what’s the matter with that picture?  Where has our interest in the world directly around us gone?


I would actually go so far as to say that there has become a desensitization in regard to the beauty of inter-personal, face-to-face communication.  I know that is a VERY broad statement, and yes, there are definitely still people out there who absolutely REFUSE to buy or even carry a cell or track phone with them.  I don’t blame them.  I mean, come on!  Who doesn’t like using such means of communication as home phones, the kind that have the big, long cords on them?  *Wink wink* 🙂  AND, who doesn’t LOVE to receive “snail mail” in their mailbox on the front porch?  Well I certainly do!  (I know you’re not me, so it’s okay if you disagree.)


Texting is awesome, but when overdone, it’s annoying.  Sometimes, I feel the urge to make a public announcement when I see two or more people texting with their noses into their phones, ignoring the world around them:


“Welcome to the world of text, where person-to-person communication between people who are sitting in the same room, is often transmitted via grunt, thumbs tapping the cell phone keyboard to relay a text, or blank stares . . . where inter-personal communication is no longer the norm, where even CONFERENCES are conducted via text (that last part is not true . . . at least to the extent that I’m aware.)  *Whew, I had you scared for a second, didn’t I?!*


Now, all sarcasm aside, who doesn’t enjoy a nice conversation with someone else face-to-face?  Come on, now. 


Technology and the advances made in the technological world have definitely made a splash into the world that is still causing ripple effects.  Technology has allowed for international sales to be more streamlined, travel more accessible, medicine more effective, and knowledge more attainable.  Technology is good.  But all in moderation, right?

Here is my challenge to you:


Instead of texting as you walk, or talking on the phone in a crowd, or listening to your beats or ear buds, take one day to turn off your technology.  You will be amazed at the people you talk with, the things you stop and take the time to observe (the birds singing, the colors of the cars in traffic, the taste of your meal. . .  All these things are worth taking the time to stop and appreciate.  


And please, for the love, please spell properly and use proper grammer.


P.S.  If you find any spelling or grammatical errors in this post, I owe you!


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