7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 2)

7 Jun

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 220)

1.  Last Friday two friends from Wisconsin came and stayed the night at my house on their way out to the East Coast.  Too bad I didn’t sneak into their car and catch a ride out there with them  😉  We took a walk, ate ice cream & brownies (triple chocolate brownies from Aldi are DA.BOMB.), talked and talked and TALKED and then we got up at the crack of dawn to see them off on their trip.  Friends like these are such a blessing, even though we are able to see each other only once or twice a year.

2.  My mom has an ankle injury so she’s been laid-up for a week now 😦  I went to the library and got her some DVD’s to watch (If you haven’t seen Loving Leah or The Help I do recommend those movies.  There are some little pieces of the movie that I do not condone, but overall they are good movies, so if you watch either, watch it with a grain of salt 😉  My mom and I had been talking about taking some bike rides and doing a little bit of travel in the next couple weeks, but with this ankle injury, we can’t do that yet.  I’ll be over at my parent’s house a lot more helping my mom.

3.  Last weekend I was a social butterfly.    I went to the priestly ordination of a friend in our diocese.  The day after his ordination I went to his first Mass and reception afterwards, where I met one of the Franciscan friars in our diocese.  (By the way, our diocese ROCKS!)  I also went to the graduation party of a young girl who was in LifeTeen when I was a core member.  She is a wonderful young woman and has graced the lives of so many.

4.  IT’S OFFICIAL!!!!  I am going on a mission trip this summer!!!  I will be volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity (the order of sisters that Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta founded.)  The words of Mother Teresa when she said “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home” have struck such a chord in me.  Crazy as it is, sometimes the ones who are nearest and dearest are the ones that challenge our love and patience the most.  So, I want to stretch myself and learn by the example of Mother Teresa and her sisters – to take every struggle, trial, temptation and lift it up to God as an act of love.  I can do great things by starting small, and that was exactly Mother Teresa’s philosophy.  I’ve wanted to go on a mission trip for a long time, but I’ve not yet felt the strong calling to leave the country to go on mission.  There are so many needy people in my own country, in my own state, in my own town who are poor (both materially, but primarily spiritually).  So, come next month, I will be packing my bags and flying out west for a week to learn by the example of these wonderful nuns! (and then I will come back home renewed and rejuvenated to serve mia famiglia.)

5.  Last week I played tennis for the first time this summer.  It was a lot of fun!

6.  Tonight I am going ballroom dancing.  Ahh, dancing is food for my soul 🙂

7.  Last night I did a TON of work on my yard.  While I share a house with two of my sisters, I have taken over the yard as my realm of care.  I mow, weed, trim bushes, etc. and I reaaally enjoy it.  I seriously do!  Last night I edged a whole flower bed and turned over the patches of grass to let the roots dry out.  My next step for that flower bed is to smooth the ground and lay mulch.  I also transplanted several peonies from the yard into pots, where they will be more manageable.  Oh yeah, and I mowed the yard.  By the time I was done with yard work for the evening, I was covered in dirt – I love me some dirty hands and dirty face cause those are evidence of fun. in. the. sun!

Bam!  There ya have it.  That, in a nutshell, is what I have been up to.  (Photos are yet to come!  I promise!)


This post has been inspired by: http://www.conversiondiary.com/ with the 7 Quick Takes Friday.


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