When A Guy Opens The Door For a Girl

9 May

My heart kinda flutters.


Chivalry still exists!  When a guy opens a door for me, I am honored!   Even when I am a bystander and observe the display of gentleman virtue, it makes me happy.  The gesture of a guy holding a door open for a girl is a simple and beautiful way to let the girl know that he 1) respects her, 2) wants to show her she is worthy of kindness and care, 3) or that he thinks she is pretty, or 4) all of the above.

The gesture of a guy holding the door for a girl is a time-honored tradition that has been passed down through the ages.  This door-holding gesture is not limited to just the guys opening the door for girls, but includes guys holding the door for any person, guy or girl alike.  *Note*: A true gentleman, if he sees a girl holding the door for him, will rush to the door and open it for the girl and let her enter first.

There have been times when I’ve had the door swing close in my face.  Either the guy ahead of me didn’t see me, or he didn’t care to open the door for me.  Either way, it took me off guard.  I do assume that guys will hold door because that’s what my dad, brothers and male friends have always done for me.  Without any words spoken, the door swinging closed in my face made me feel saddened.  Maybe this guy has never been shown how to hold the door for a girl.  Maybe he does not know how to show a girl respect.  Maybe he doesn’t see me.  (Yes, perhaps I’ve been spoiled with gentlemanly family and friends) but it makes a HUGE difference and a HUGE impact when the guys show the girls the courtesy of holding the door.  When a guy opens the door for me, it makes me feel so special and reminds me of my intrinsic dignity as a woman.

Here are some tips:

Guys: *Pssst!* The Girls look for this cue of you holding the door!  This gentlemanly gesture of holding the door speaks highly of your character.  The girl may not look like she’s paying attention, but the girls notice and appreciate when you open the door, and they really notice when you open the door for not just your “significant other”, but for anyone who may be passing through the doorway.  It’s true.  We notice these things like opening the door for us.  We appreciate it, although we sometimes omit the “thank you!”  (Shame on us girls if we don’t thank the guys for being gentlemen!)

Girls:  Girls, we can do our part and show the guys our appreciation for holding the door by saying “Thank you!”  Look the guy in the eye and say it – don’t just muffle the words and quickly exit the scene.  You could even flash a smile or bat your eyelashes.  The guys would appreciate both, right?!  The guys appreciate when we notice and acknowledge their gentlemanly gestures.  Afterall, we like it when the guys notice and acknowledge when we are ladylike (that’s another story for another day.)

Now, some might say that a guy holding a door for a woman undermines our equality.

Some might go so far as to say, “I can do it myself!  I don’t need your help.

Well, poo to that theory of undermining our equality.  Nowhere is it stated that men should hold the door for the women.  Likewise, nowhere is it stated that men opening doors for us women undermines our equality.  If a woman doesn’t like having a door opened for her, that’s her loss.  Just sayin’.

The next time a guy holds the door for you, remember that he is a gentleman.  Remember, ladies, to show him your appreciation.  After all, chivalry still exists and so do gentlemen.  Let’s show the guys that ladies and ladylike qualities still exist.   The guys appreciate us being ladies too.


One Response to “When A Guy Opens The Door For a Girl”

  1. ancillajc May 9, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    So, so true!

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