I’ve Been Everywhere Man!

30 Apr

The past FOUR WEEKENDS I have been out of town visiting family and friends.  It has been a fun, adventure-filled, memorable month.

The first weekend of April I visited my brother D. in Ohio.  We got to spend a lot of quality br0-sis time together.  D. works with children who have special needs and he truly is a hero to these children!  He treated me like a princess the whole weekend.  He cooked a couple of the meals for me (he is an EXCELLENT chef!)  and then for breakfast one morning he treated me to an adorable french restaurant where we were greeted by a friendly “Bonjour!” as we ordered.  I was in Heaven at that little French restaurant!  I am endeared to the French language, and have had the opportunity to travel to France – Oui oui!   D. sure has good taste!  He and I took a couple walks, visited this dam,  played cards . . . (speed anyone?), got to travel to a nearby city to see his fiancee’s K.’s art show and ate lunch with K. and her long-time friend.  I also got to spend some quality time with K. (my future sister-in-law!)  and looked through their wedding planning folder.  I am honored to be one of their bridesmaids!    What a great weekend it was and wonderful brother I have!

The second weekend of April I traveled up north to the land of Wisconsin to visit my friend A.T. from college.  She and I love adventure in the outdoors, so whenever we visit, we always adventure, rain or shine.  The highlight of the weekend was hiking for three hours through freezing cold temperatures on the Ice Age Trail.  At the end of the trail we visited Holy Hill, where there is a monastery of discalced carmelites.  The hike was exhausting but adventurous (and I love hiking!) so it was all good.  My lips got so chapped on our hike, that once we were back in the car, for lack of chapstick, I resorted to juice from fresh grapes we had packed for our out-door picnic before the hike.  Yep, we ate a picnic in freezing temps.   I wish I had pictures to share, but I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet 😦

The third weekend of April I ventured down to Louisville, Kentucky to visit my friend J. who I also know from college.  She and I could literally talk for DAYS.  While visiting with J., we went to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline world 🙂  While bouncing around and having a blast, I injured my neck (I think I sprained a muscle.)  It was kind of a blessing in disguise because instead of trying to cram in too much that evening, we ended up sitting a having a gab fest 😉  J. and I have a lot of similar interests so it was very special to be able to spend the weekend with her.  (While we chatted I switched back and forth between hot and cold wraps on my neck and this helped immensely!)  Sunday morning I went to Mass with J. and her family.  After Mass on my way out of Church, imagine my surprise as I saw a family whose blog I follow!  I introduced myself to the dad of the family (the mom was there somewhere but I didn’t get the chance to meet her.)   This family was in town to visit some of their friends too.  I found out that this guy’s sister went to college where I went!  It was such a pleasure to meet this amazing Catholic family and it was proof that it truly is a small world after all!

This past weekend I served as an adult leader and went camping in mid-west Indiana with a group of 450 girls from American Heritage Girls.  I am the leader/coordinator for the Troop I am heading up at the local parish where I teach religious education.  The girls who went camping learned many things about camping: how and where to pitch a tent, how to build a campfire, and how to cook over a fire.

My traveling during the month of April was just a precursor to all the adventures and fun that this summer will hold!  And now here I am, back at home sweet home, resting up for all the fun that is to come!


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