Habemus Papam Franciscum!

15 Mar

The day began like any other day.  After packing my lunch, I hopped into my car to drive to morning Mass.


I tuned in to the local Catholic Radio Station to get the latest updates on the Papal Conclave.  The radio announcers from the Catholic radio station were discussing the black smoke coming from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, where the Conclave was meeting, and how this meant that the cardinals had not yet chosen the new pope.   One of the announcers said that the cardinals were going to reconvene after eating lunch.  (*Sigh, no pope yet.*)


At Mass, I prayed for the election of the new pope, asking the Holy Spirit to guide their decisions and to help the cardinals be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Then on my way to work after Mass, I made a quick jaunt to the grocery store for some fruit (Yum!)


Once at work, I put together mailing labels for the catalog and brochure requests.   The day proceeded much like every other day at work with lots of phone calls to take, orders to process, customer questions to answer, and quotes to procure.  Then I took a break and ate my kiwi fruit (which, by the way, is delicious :).)


At one point in the early afternoon, I heard the front door of the lobby open faster than I had EVER heard it open.  One of my co-workers raced into the building shouting “WE HAVE A POPE!!!!!!!”  and  then raced around the office sharing the good news “WE HAVE A POPE!


There was a fury of excitement as we verified on our media sources that there was indeed a new pope.


I checked my phone which I had set up on popealarm.com (thanks to Focus.com) to receive a text once the new pope was elected.  Sure enough, after a little bit, my phone received a text announcing that there was WHITE SMOKE coming from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel!!!!


I texted my parents and siblings with the words “WE HAVE A NEW POPE!”  Friends texted me with the exciting news, and we all shared in the honor of being Catholics on this glorious day for the Church.


My Facebook news feed was populated with the words “HABEMUS PAPAM!”  and everyone was celebrating our newly elected pope.  In order to be connected with Roma, Italia via media, I found a live video of St. Peter’s Square on www.ewtn.com and became very distracted at my work desk with two screens: one screen for work and one screen for the balcony to watch for when the newly elected pope would appear.  The cameras on the screen panned the crowd, capturing the excited, emotional, JOYFUL people gathered.


Suddenly, through the curtains in the window of the St. Peter‘s balcony, I saw movement and my eyes were glued to the screen.  Within moments there came forth a cardinal to announce the new pope (French proto-deacon cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran announced the name of the new Pope) “Papam Franciscum.”


Following the announcement of the new pope, Papam Franciscum entered front and center of the balcony of St. Peter’s basilica, greeted by the joyful and elated cheers of the enormous crowd.  (I can only imagine how many thousands of people around the world were watching on a computer or tv like I was! 🙂 )  Some of my co-workers who are not Catholic were also excited to hear about the new pope and asked questions about him.  “Wait, so it’s Pope Francis I or Pope Francis?”  “How did he choose the name Francis?


What an amazingly blessed gift we have – a man hand-picked by the Holy Spirit to lead the Catholic Church.  I was truly struck by Pope Francis’ calm demeanor; when he led us in prayer for Bishop Emeritus of Rome, Benedict XVI, and then when he asked for the people to pray for him.  How truly inspiring was his request for prayers… beautiful and humble.


This is a beautiful time for the Church.  I am looking forward to the papacy of Pope Francis.  You know, I always have admired men who undertake immense responsibilities with such courage and trust in God, as is Pope Francis in his assuming the Chair of St. Peter.  I am grateful.


Yes, the day began like every other day, but it ended much differently.  And much better. 🙂






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