So, Mr. President . . .

20 Feb

(Read in deep male voice, speaking as owner of a childcare facility.)

“Now, Mr., um . . . . uh snap what is him name?  Obama.  Barack Hussain Obama.  This childcare facility admires great leaders.  Looks like you have quite the resume after leaving behind a long legacy of “God first, others 2nd” “Do Unto Others”, Self-sacrificing, . . . ahem!  Bear with me here.  It will take just a minute to review your resume.”

“Ah, okay.  Wow.  It looks like you were a leading aide to Planned Parenthood, the company responsible for (audible gasp) the deaths of 50,000,000 + people, primarily babies who never had the chance to live.”  (awkward silence.)  Hmm, have you ever read the 10 Commandments?

“You have denied the existence of God, upon Whom this nation was founded.”  (First commandment, anyone?)

“In the name of less shootings and more security, you enforced gun laws aimed at decreasing the amount of guns in circulation.”  (thereby taking from the American peoples their sense of security and ability to defend themselves when threatened or attacked.)

“You also handed out more welfare checks than the unemployment offices can keep track.  Mmm’k.”  (Charity is not entitling a person to sit back on their royal laurels while being bottle fed or silver-spoon-fed by the government who, acting with the incentives of power and money, are lessening the standards by which people live, and which, by the way, further increases the nation’s debt and numbs its citizens’ minds.  Right.)

“You worked to enforce “healthcare” laws that mandated Christian organizations to pay for insurance plans that cover costs of contraceptives, abortifacients, etc. etc. etc.?”  (Thereby forcing Christians to violate their consciences by going against their morals and beliefs.)

“You have uhhh. . . . uuhhhhh……erhm, uhh… Yeah.  Wow.

“Well, Mr. Obama.  Lest we spend more time reviewing your “hit list” resume, I must inform you that while your efforts were “paved with ‘good intentions'”, none of the aforementioned qualifies you for a job here.

This way to the door, please.


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