Truth Vs. Deceit

5 Feb

“Whenever you seek truth,

you seek God,

whether you know it or not.” – Edith Stein

Have you ever told yourself 1) “I don’t have the skills it takes,” 2) “I’m not good enough for ‘such and such'”, or 3) “I wish I was better-looking.”

Perhaps you were working up the courage to try skiing for the first time, or perhaps you were afraid to give a speech.  Maybe you were going to donate blood to the American Red Cross like I did for the first time last year.  Or maybe you were trying to work up the courage to introduce yourself to someone who you really wanted to meet.


Is it true that you don’t have the skills, or that you’re not good enough, or that you don’t have the looks?  Certainly not.


I believe it is safe to state that no person likes or appreciates deceit. 

However, too often we deceive ourselves into thinking that 1) we don’t have a particular skill set we would like, 2) we are “not good enough”, 3) we’ll never get to that goal we want to achieve, or 4) we give up before we even begin.


Now let’s take a step back and look at these situations from the other direction.

Let’s think about this: how many times have our family and friends reassured us, “Great job!”  “You are beautiful!” “You are so skilled!” “I wish I had your talent!”

When we second-guess and get down on ourselves, what we really need to be doing is acknowledging our skills and virtues, and we need to be honest with ourselves.  


Let us be honest with ourselves and speak truth to our own hearts.  


NOTE: YOU ARE AS STRONG, COMPETENT AND CAPABLE AS YOU LET YOURSELF BELIEVE YOU ARE.  (As I write, I’m exhorting myself to these words too because I most certainly fall prey to listening to the lies I let myself believe about myself.)


A couple weekends ago I had the privilege to attend a young adult retreat titled “You Are My Beloved.”


One of the speakers on this retreat, a woman (Liz) in her mid-twenties, was talking about the love that God has for us – the love that God has for us even when we are broken, sad, pitiful and still sinful (. . . . still sinful due to concupiscence  even though we spend time and energy week after week to conquer the sins that knock at our door most frequently.)  

During this talk it seemed as though Liz was speaking directly to me.  (Like she had prepared her talk with me in mind!)

What Liz was sharing about God’s boundless mercy and love was plucking at my heart strings.  I desire to know and “feel” God’s love for me, but too often that “feeling” isn’t there.  My understanding of God’s love for me is flawed because I tend to focus on God’s sadness due to the sins I commit.  I tend to focus too much on my “cannot’s” rather than my “can do’s.”

While I do understand that God’s love for me is a love that is infinite, and that I will never even begin to comprehend, I still wrestle with the idea that: How can God love me SO. MUCH. even when I fall again and again and again?!?.  HUGH.  Why can’t I just “have what it takes”, “be good enough for ‘such and such'”, etc. etc. etc.

There was something that this young woman said in her talk during the retreat that has resonated within me since then.  This is what she said:

“Speak Truth to yourself.”


Immediately I made a resolution to speak truth to myself; 1) to focus more frequently on the good that I do, 2) to acknowledge with honesty my strengths and qualities and 3) to read the Bible on a more regular basis.  

Since God is Truth, and I’m an advocate for truth, and I want to know truth, I will commit myself to reading from the book of Truth to better understand God and to come to a better and deeper understanding of God’s love for me.  God is a loving God, Who is Truth Himself.  His very essence is Truth!   

On retreat Liz spoke with exuberance of God’s yearning for us to know His love for us just the way we are, and to give Him that love in return.  He wants SOO INCREDIBLY MUCH for us, His children – sons and daughters – to love HIM and let ourselves be loved.  

God made us with our quirks, “isms” and uniqueness because He loves us that way.  He wants us to love and be loved.


Next time you go in search of truth, I challenge you:


Rid out any deceit in your self-assumptions.

Let Truth Himself be your guide.  

Let yourself be loved by Him.  

Just the way you are.





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