And we have ourselves a FLYING MONKEY!

4 Jan

Yes, it’s true.  My office now has a flying monkey.

This is not the zoo, by the way 😉  I work at an industrial company.

To give you a little bit of background on who we are and what we do: We are a hard working, fun-loving, joke-cracking, sarcastic-commenting group of co-workers.  We are a lively bunch.  We work as a team and everyone does their part to bring success to the company.  I work in the office answering phone and email inquiries, and I prepare quotes and orders.  The guys in the shop build the machines that we sell.

During break time, the guys who work out in the shop either sit in the break room and drink coffee, or they stand around and talk out in the shop.  On occasion they toss a football.  Once I’ve seen them play improvised baseball with a PVC pipe and a “soft” ball.

A couple weeks ago one of my co-workers showed up to work with a frisbee to be thrown around at break time.  (You don’t know how happy that made me!  I LOVE playing frisbee!)

I’ve related these stories of break time sports to my family.  My mom, who had heard these stories, was shopping before Christmas and found something that she gave to me to add to the fun.

It was a flying monkey that looks a lot like this: HAHA!

Oh the JOY that it brought to the faces of my co-workers as I surprised them one morning with this furry little creature by flying it over their heads.  It is indeed a flying monkey! Here is how it flys:

In order to make it fly, insert two fingers into the little pouches on the monkey’s hands.  With the other hand, pull the legs in the opposite direction (there are rubber bands in the monkey’s arms and legs.)  When aimed and stretched, release monkey in upward arch.

The guys in the shop were laughing with boyish glee as they saw this monkey fly through the air and then land with a screech – it literally landed with a screech, thanks to the battery-operated “monkey screech” inside it!

We look forward to many more break times with football, frisbee, and yes, a flying monkey.



*Note: we DO work here 🙂


2 Responses to “And we have ourselves a FLYING MONKEY!”

  1. Kathleen January 4, 2013 at 3:05 pm #

    Dear Rachel, I am so delighted that you and your co-workers are enjoying my Christmas Monkey gift to you. It is so wonderful that you work with so many great co-workers who can play together as well as work together.
    Flying Monkeys Forever !!!!

    • Rfog January 4, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

      Yes, the monkey is awesome, I have great co-workers and a thoughtful Mother 🙂 Thank you!

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