Third Week of Thankfulness

24 Dec

It was a cold evening, lots of people bustling about, and the couple was in search of something special.  Something that would be extraordinary, yet in a most ordinary setting.  .  .  .  a place where their first born child would be born.  This couple was Joseph and Mary, on their search for somewhere to stay in the little town of Bethlehem some 2000+ years ago.  


Joseph and Mary were both weary, yet despite their weariness through the hustle and bustle, despite the fact that they were having a difficult time finding somewhere to stay the night, and despite the fact that they would welcome their newborn son into the world in a stable where animals stayed, they had a deep and resounding joy and peace in their hearts.  They were participating in the story of Salvation History.  They were the parents of THE SAVIOR of THE WORLD.


This couple, Joseph and Mary, were an “ordinary couple” in their manner of day-to-day life, but were most EXTRAORDINARY in their day-to-day service to God.  You see, Joseph was a carpenter and Mary was a stay-at-home mother and took care of their son, Jesus.  They carried out their daily routine like any other family.  Joseph worked with wood and helped people build furniture, etc. and Mary cooked meals, cleaned the home, and watched and cared for Jesus.  


What made them EXTRAORDINARY was the fact that they put GOD’S WILL first and foremost.  They prayed to do God’s will.  They lived virtuously – prudently, with great temperance, wisdom, patience, charity, hope and faith.  They had great faith.  They trusted God.  They relied on God for their well-being and the success of their family endeavors.  


This Christmas I thank Mary for her selfless “fiat” (when she said “yes” to the angel Gabriel’s announcement that Mary was to be the Mother. OF. GOD.)   I thank Joseph for his trust in God’s plan for his life when he heard that he was to take Mary to be his wife, when she was already with child.  I thank Our Father in Heaven for sending His Son to earth to become man, to die for us, to open the gates of Heaven, to give us the opportunity to attain eternal reward in Heaven.  


Had Mary and Joseph told God “no” to His asking them to play their roles in our Salvation History, um……yeah.  Had that happened, we would not be celebrating Christmas (the day God entered this world as God-made-man)  in a couple days.   


This week I am thankful for Joseph, Mary and Jesus – the Holy Family.  May all families say “yes” to God as you did and may all families emulate your virtues.


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