Celebrating My Younger Brother

20 Dec

Today, December 20th, marks the 15th birthday of my younger brother, Nick!!!!  Fifteen years ago, today, I remember receiving the news that I had a NEW BABY BROTHER!!  It was such a big deal to me.  It was already a blessing to have three younger sisters (not to mention two older brothers and an older sister.)  And now that I there was a younger boy to add to the mix, I was glad. Nope, even better – I was excited….nope, even better, I WAS THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF!!!  I had a little brother!!!  THISLITTLEBABYISMYBROTHER!!!

Being the little ladies that we were, my sisters and I, when our little brother was old enough, included this cute little guy in playing house, games, and all sorts of adventures in our backyard.  We played and played and played and played and PLAYED for HHHOOUURRSS!!!

Looking back at his toddler years, I recall spending many an afternoon taking my brother to his nap time.  I would sit on a chair in his room, holding him, while singing a song or reading a book.  Being able to hold and take care of the cutest toddler in the WORLD was one of my favorite things to do.  He was snuggly, had a cute little toddler voice and the best laugh (and just for the record, his laugh, to this day, is contagious – I love it!)

As my little brother has grown, he has matured into the best younger brother a girl could ask for.  He has helped me improve my basketball skills and he taught me how to rap 😀  OH. YES.   My brother also gives the best massages.   My family and I think that Nick is a naturally skilled engineer.  He spends hours designing, building and even repairing all sorts of gizmos.

Our brother is not just your average guy.  He is a gentleman, and is thoughtful and caring.  He helps around the house and is a cheerful helper.  When someone in our family is having a bad day, he will come up to that person and ask, “Do you need a hug?” OR, he will voluntarily give that person a back massage.  (Yes, he really does give a good back rub) and goes out of his way to help that person feel better.  

Nick is very talented, both intellectually and musically.  He can teach himself songs on the piano, rockin’ out the keys like nobody’s business. 

Today marks fifteen years full of joy, good times and laughter with my little brother, Nick!  I love you, bro!


(This picture of me & my siblings was taken last fall after a 5K that we ran.)



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