Oh, how I love them!

13 Dec

Some of them sit there, eyes focused and ears tuned in the WHOLE time.  Others tap their pencils on the desktop and take notes here and there.  A couple of them incessantly tap their feet or cause distractions.  

There is a girl and boy who always sit together.  This particular little boy is learning and vision impaired.  He always asks if there is going to be homework – he does not like homework 😉 The girl who sits next to him helps him find the page in the book to read along.  She has a sensitive heart and is one of the most compassionate little girls you will ever meet.

One of the boys has a lisp.  It is the cutest. thing. ever.  He also blushes, so he has a special place in my heart (I blush redder than the reddest red so I can totally sympathize when he gets embarrassed…)  

There is one boy who seemingly “zones out”, yet is one of the most intelligent kids in the class.   When I ask a question to the whole class, 99.9% of the time this boy is the first to raise his hand, and has the answer.  Spot. On.  I’m blown away.  

One of the little girls has a hard time at home with a rough family life.  You can see it on her face.  She rarely smiles.  I am glad when I am able to make her laugh (usually at one of the analogies I make) 🙂

There is one boy who is quite a gentleman and is extremely articulate with the assignments he completes both in and out of the classroom.  He holds the door for others and sometimes stays behind after class to push the chairs up to their desks.

REGARDLESS of the classroom attention (or occasional lack thereof) my 6th CCD students are so dear to my heart.

Last summer was the first time I met my students.  I didn’t know what to expect and I was somewhat nervous, but after the first couple weeks of teaching, these kids with all sorts of quirks, laughs, attention spans, family backgrounds and learning abilities, were already pulling at my heart strings.

Towards the end of the second semester of teaching last year, I learned that there was an opening for the 6th grade CCD teacher.  Without hesitation, I told the director of religious education I was interested in the position.  What an opportunity that would be – I could teach the same class the following year!  My students knew what to expect in the classroom, and I knew what styles of teaching for this particular group were most and least effective.  Providence would have it that I was able to move up to the 6th grade teaching position so that I could teach these kids as they moved up a grade.

Teaching this group of children has brought me so much joy.  Educating these children about Virtue, Moral Living, the Real Presence, the importance of the Sacraments, attentive and active participation at Mass, devotion to the Guardian Angels, the importance of prayer, defending our Catholic Faith….what a blessing to be able to hold this role in their lives.

Last night was the last class before Christmas break.  We will have three whole weeks off from class.  I will miss my class and the joy I receive from sharing the Faith with them.

These kids help me keep the flame of the Catholic Faith burning in the world, and for these students I am truly thankful.


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