Week 1, Day 2 (Three Weeks of Thankfulness)

5 Dec

Sipping hot chocolate and chatting with my family last night as I sat in my parent’s living room, I reflected on how blessed I am with such a wonderful family.  Hence, today I’m thanking God for my AMAzing parents and siblings!  There are ten people in my immediate family – mom & dad plus eight kids (most of us “kids” are now adults.)  My family makes up the other 9/10’s of me.

How cool is it that I have a family who loves, encourages, works, sacrifices, gives fraternal correction when need be, laughs, pranks, takes trips, makes meals and prays together!!!!  Yes, we occasionally don’t get along have to say “I’m sorry”, and there are times when it seems like complete chaos, but at the end of the day, I would not trade my family for anything.  Of the ten family members, seven of us live in the same city.  And while the ten of us do not all live in the same city, we are still always thinking of each other and keeping in touch.

My parents are so loving and self-less: they have listening ears when we need to talk, words of wisdom when we need advice, open arms when we need a hug, sound advice when we need direction, an open door when we need to sit back and relax.  My parents are so wise, so solidly Catholic, so patient and heroically virtuous . . . . seriously, where would I be without them?

My siblings are . . . . . where do I begin?  My siblings are AWESOME!  My siblings are my best friends, my advisors,  my fashion consultants, my prayer warriors, my legs when I can’t walk, my eyes when I can’t see, my very best friends (who else laughs at my anti-jokes?! . . padumpump.;)  My siblings are even my teachers – my little bro taught me how to dive, my older brothers taught me how to play basketball, my older sister has taught me new recipes, my younger sisters have enriched my taste in music.  I am very thankful.

Thank you, Lord, for my family!


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