This morning I cried.

7 Nov

I was shocked.

When I woke up this morning my first thought, unlike my usual non-morning self, was “what can I do for God today?”   (I hadn’t heard the election results yet.)  Usually I’m asking myself  “Why do I have to get up now?”  “Why are my sisters such LOUD morning people?”

I went out to the kitchen, made a fried egg, toasted a bagel, got my morning going.

Then one of my sisters walked out to the kitchen and asked “Did you hear?” . . . . . . . . . . .

Enough said.  At that moment I knew the dreaded thought of re-election of Obama had happened.  Our country proved one of my worst fears.  We are a country that has become complacent and has lost our sense of ethics, morals and to Whom we are accountable.

I am terrified at the thought of the implications of the HHS mandate.  What if my parents need medical treatment in 10-20 years?  Will they receive such treatment or will they have to have their “case” presented before a panel who then determines whether or not they “qualify”?  What if they would be denied medical care?  (*This thought is what triggered the tears.*)

I am terrified of raising a family in this country.  Faith, education, extra-curricular activities, books, clothing, friends, classmates, professors,  . . . . ?!?!?!  Objective truth is thought to be “old school.”  The “anything goes” mentality is running rampant in this country, and it’s running our country into oblivion.

I am terrified of the implications of the HHS Mandate to the Catholic Church and all other religious authorities.

I am terrified of the monstrous debt we have accrued.  

I am terrified of Obama’s plan to “fundamentally change America.”

The world I knew as a young girl is gone.  I NEVER would have imagined our Beautiful America to be where it is today.  Our country is intoxicated in it’s self-destruction.

This morning at work the atmosphere was one of sadness and shock.  As I sat thinking about what I personally can do as we move on, I remembered my College’s (Christendom College) mission statement “To Restore All Things in Christ.”  My Theology degree proudly boasts of the hope that we find in Christ and Christ alone.  That is what I can do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and the years to come.  I will place my hope in Christ and will work to restore all things in Christ, even though there may be more tears in my eyes.


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